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How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Updated on March 13, 2011

Those who enjoy coffee often brew several pots of coffee each day. In many homes, the automatic drip coffee maker is the most frequently used small appliance. However, it's often one that's overlooked during household cleaning. Cleaning your coffee maker is just as important as cleaning any other item you use to make food or beverages.

When to Clean Your Coffee Maker

To enjoy the best tasting coffee, it's important to clean your coffee maker on a regular basis. There's a bid difference in the flavor quality of coffee that's been brewed in a coffee pot that's been appropriately cleaned. Keeping your coffee maker clean isn't just a matter of taste, though. Bacteria can build up with multiple uses, as can germs.

No one wants to drink coffee that's potentially contaminated, so keeping your coffee maker clean is of utmost importance. To make sure that the coffee you brew is safe, you need to use a clean coffee maker to make it. Ideally, a coffee maker that's used daily should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a month. If it is used less frequently, more time can pass in between cleanings.

Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions

Fortunately, cleaning a coffee maker is not difficult, nor is it time consuming. All you need to do to clean this small appliance is to run a mixture of vinegar and water through the unit. Simply create a concoction of vinegar and water, with twice as much water as vinegar.

Pour the solution into your coffee maker's water vestibule and turn it on. The cleaning solution will pass through the unit in the same way that water passes through when you are making coffee. As the mixture passes through the internal mechanism of the machine, it will clean away residue left behind when making coffee.

Once the vinegar and water mixture has passed through the coffee maker, run a coffee pot full of plain water through the appliance. This will rinse away the vinegar solution, ensuring that the next pot of coffee you brew is made in a freshly cleaned appliance. Your morning coffee will taste much better when brewed in a clean appliance.

If you've had your coffee maker for a long time and have never cleaned it, you may need to repeat this step several times in order to truly clean the appliance. Once you get in a habit of regular cleanings, however, once should be sufficient on a monthly basis.


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