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How to Clean Your Interior Office Signs Effectively

Updated on September 6, 2013
Cleaning Your Interior Office Signs
Cleaning Your Interior Office Signs

Did you know that your interior office signs can become dull, grimy and unsightly if you don’t take proper care of them? Did you know that your interior office signage can actually be used by people to come up with an impression about you and your company? Keeping your signs clean and presentable is actually essential since these help give people an insight on what kind of a business you are.

So, how do you keep your signs clean and free of dirt? You will need to clean them, of course. Cleaning your signs however takes more than just wiping the dirt or dust off them. You will need to clean these signs according to the type of signs that you have. For example, if you have engraved signs, you will need to go into the nooks and crannies of these signs in order to effectively remove any dirt and dust built up in these rather hard to reach places.

You also need to take into consideration the types of materials used for these interior office signs and what cleaning materials are best for these. For instance, if your signs are made of wood, even when these are laminated or protected by an overcoat, you will still need to take care not to use watery cleaning agents on these signs. Doing so will only harm these signs or make them prone to damage and decay.

Cleaning Indoor Signage
Cleaning Indoor Signage

Cleaning Tips According to Signage Type

To effectively clean your indoor office signs, here are some tips and tricks that may come in handy:

For plastic signs – to effectively remove any dirt and grime on your plastic signs, use a mild dishwashing detergent and soft rags. Mix together a cap of the dishwashing liquid with some warm water in a bucket, and dip your clean, soft rag in this mixture, squeezing out the excess liquid before using this to wipe off your signs. This is ideal for use with acrylic or any other plastic signs.

After taking care to remove any dirt and grime from all surfaces, making sure that you do wipe off the top parts of these signs (this is where a lot of dust and sticky dirt may accumulate), take another clean rag and dip this in clean, warm water. Use this damp rag to wipe off the soapy substance off the sign. Using another soft rag, this time a dry one, buff off the sign to further remove any remaining soapy and wet residue from your interior office signs.

For wood signs – cleaning your wooden signs is much like cleaning wooden furniture. You do not use water or any liquid cleaner on it unless it is made for wood. You should use oil based cleaners made for wood furniture for your wood signs, or you can make your own with the use of lemon oil and a clean rag. You should first remove any surface dust or dirt with the help of a clean and dry rag before using these oil based cleaners though or you will find yourself with sticky and grimy dirt on your signs.

For metal signs - to effectively clean metal signs, make sure that your signs are tarnish and rust proof before using any liquid or watery cleaners on them. Using the same mixture as the one used on plastic signs, clean your metal signs the same way, making sure that the signs are thoroughly dried before moving on to the next step.

With metal signs, you will need one additional step and that is to polish these with the use of a metal polishing substance. Follow the instructions that you will find on your chosen metal polish and give your metal signs the kind of sheen you want with careful polishing and buffing.

For engraved signsengraved signage need a bit more attention than other signs since these do have nooks and crannies where dirt can get into. To clean these parts of your signs, you will need to have a wooden cuticle remover on hand and a lot of patience since you will need to scrape out the dirt from these crevices with this stick. Once you are done removing the dirt from your signs with the use of this tool, you can then proceed to clean your signs according to the type of sign that you have (plastic, wood or metal).


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