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How to De-Clutter Your Desk Quickly

Updated on December 16, 2013


Title: Your Desk Style

Question: Is your desk messy or neat?

Answer 1: I keep it tidy. I know where everything is.

Answer 2: I can’t even find my desk under the pile of papers.

Do you often find it hard to concentrate on your work while sitting on your desk? Or do you have a hard time trying to locate your files and stationary? If this is the state of your work place, probably it is high time you should go for desk clean up. De-cluttering your work desk is not only good for increasing efficiency and functionality, but can also provide you with that much-required peace of mind.

Prioritize Your Things

The first and foremost step towards de-cluttering your desk is to prioritize the various items that you possess. This will give you a fair amount of an idea on the things that you use on a regular basis, and the ones that are not used too often. The frequently used items can go back on your desk while the less used ones can fit inside drawers, boxes, closets, or on shelves. In this process, you will even come across things that you may never use, get rid of these.

Label Files and Folders

Instead of keeping some random files and folders on your desk and then storing unwanted bills and documents into these, label each and every file clearly. Create a list of all important “to do” things and mark the files and folders accordingly. This way, there will be no tendency to pile up unnecessary clutter on your desk.

Organize Drawers

Drawers are an essential storage component of your work desk; hence, it is equally important to organize these as well. Arrange the items in different drawers, in a decreasing order of priority, so that the things that you use quite often are placed in the top-most drawer. Also, to avoid cluttering the drawers, create sub-spaces and compartmentalize the various things placed.

Go Paperless

The biggest cause of desk clutter is the piles and piles of paper that are strewn here and there mindlessly. It also becomes difficult to find a particular document in a big stack of files and folders. Hence, instead of storing documents one over the other in an untidy manner, you can label them, and store them in a separate closet, according to a certain order. Also, as far as possible, try to use less of paper and go online instead.

Create Floating Shelves

If your desk is placed against the wall, try and utilize the adjoining wall space by putting up floating shelves. These will provide you with additional storage space.


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