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How to Deal With and Prevent a Burglary to Your Home

Updated on August 24, 2016
A thief committing burglary.
A thief committing burglary.


Your home is your very own sanctuary, a place where you feel secured the most. It is where you spend most of your time with your family. Everything in it is treasured, including the things inside, as well as the memories in each corner of the house.

But what if a burglar broke out into your home? That is one experience that is dreaded by everyone. No one would want their home to be trespassed by bad guys. When a burglar comes, your family will surely lose things.

Actually, it’s not just things; your family members will lose their sense of security. Your home, which used to be a sanctuary, will become another unsafe place already. Your peace of mind won’t easily be restored, too.

Reports say that burglary is one of the most popular crimes in the UK with Dulwich in South London being the #1, followed by Clayhall and Redbridge. Dulwich has over 60 claims per a thousand quote.

Significantly, whether you’ve been in a traumatic experience of being burglarised, or fortunately haven’t yet, read on and learn from this article on how to deal and prevent such horrifying experience.

How to prevent burglary?

Make sure your house is secured by door locks.

The best thing you can do to prevent a burglary from happening is to ensure that your security level is high and satisfactory.

You can start with getting locks or changing your locks to high security BS3621, which are deemed to be the best in the market — London Bars and Birmingham Bars are just a few of a long list of choices.

Generic locks such as Yale are not enough these days for safety purposes. You can contact your Local Locksmith or try London locksmith so you can ask for help and assistance in the installation of safe locks.

Use more security features.

Aside from door locks, adding more security features can also be a very big help. It will also give you the best sense of security, especially if you’ve got CCTVs working around the house.

You can also put up high grilles for added security. There are also other security-assuring devices and features such as intruder alarms and security smokes.

If your budget won’t allow having these security features, you can also opt for dummy CCTVs to scare burglars.

What if it already happened?

Contact the police immediately.

This should be the first thing you need to do upon discovering that your house has been burglarised. The police should arrive a few minutes upon contact, and they will quickly proceed with a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).

Be ready to have your testimony taken, as well as for your other family members. The police will also be the ones who would look for traces of the burglar by finding finger and shoe prints around.

Don’t panic and do unnecessary actions.

Of course, who would keep calm when such situation arises, right? But it would be for the best if you can keep your calm and composure so that you can also think straight and be able to help in the investigation.

Never touch the things around the house for the meantime, especially door handles, and windows. There might be traces of the burglar and the police should be able to find them untouched for a smoother investigation process.

Do not try to clean your floors as there might be sole traces or footprints in it. Even the things around should be left untouched since fingerprints might be present.

Contact an emergency locksmith.

When the police have already left, the next thing you should do is to contact a 24 hour Locksmith near you so that you can inform them to make some repairs at home. They can also do other repairs aside from doors and locks.

If you just had a burglar breaking into your house, a locksmith can help you in repairing any damage to your properties, particularly doors, frames, and locks. Look for one that will come immediately at the fastest time possible to have the repairs made quickly.

You can check Master Locksmiths Association’s list of the locksmiths that are nearby. It also includes reviews, tips, and advice that you can surely use particularly on the security aspects of your home.


You can never replace your family’s sense of security and peace of mind, especially when a burglary happens. So, to keep your home and family away from such dangerous happening, you can take these preventive measures to be safe.

You can also look for affordable home security methods to take more steps in ensuring your home’s security. In case you’ve already experienced having a burglar breaking into your home, you can also follow the steps above on what to do when such cases arise.

In today’s society and generation, we cannot be lax about security because burglary happens all the time and burglars won’t hesitate to do such acts. Do your best to keep your home and family protected so you can all live in peace.

Find more tips to beat burglars.

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    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 17 months ago from Victoria, Australia

      An interesting and helpful article. Here we use security doors as a matter of course, they are are made of metal, strong and locked, but we can see out through them.