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How to Deal with a Mole

Updated on June 13, 2009

You know how much of a pain it can be while dealing with the constant ruts and dips that a mole can create in your yard. However, you also know how hard it is to deal with them and make sure that you get rid of them. For some people this will mean either ridding your yard of them by killing the mole, trapping the mole, or even relocating the mole. Here are the various methods that I have managed to use to get rid of the moles that have infested my back yard.

The first method that I have used is trapping them. Now I know that it might seem kind of odd to trap a mole since they live underground, but my method of trapping them was actually while cutting the grass and seeing the dirt moving. Then after I noticed that the dirt was moving I was able to follow it and see figure out that he was under the dirt. So then you would know where he is then you could figure out what you wanted to do with him after you have figured out where he is in your yard.

The second method that you can use is by killing the mole. I know that many options are available in this category, but I have found that the mole worms that are available at local stores work best and they work really quickly. So this I know is a great ting to use if the mole is really close to your foundation or other structure that you might not want to have damaged by the mole digging close to your support or by yourself digging close to your own foundation.

The third method is by relocating the mole. Now some people will think that they can do this on their own, but typically because it is a wild creature you will want to have a professional handle the relocation of the mole so you do not get exposed to any diseases or bugs that you might not have been around before. So I would highly recommend having a professional take care of the relocation of any moles that you might have plus they would know the area that they can take the mole to that would be able to support them.

While dealing with moles around your house and in your yard can be a very pesky problem you will want to make sure that you deal with them in a method that you can live with. Either of these above mentioned methods will work out great in dealing with your moles and I know that they all do wonders at helping make your yard look even better than it already does!


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