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How to Decorate A Kid's Playroom On A Budget

Updated on November 30, 2013

Playrooms are meant for nonstop fun, learning and exploration. However, wear and tear can cause playrooms to become dingy eyesores that parents attempt to conceal when guests come over. Even kids get tired of the same of décor, and simply adding some new touches to an ordinary playroom can make it inspirational to kids. Fortunately, decorating a kid’s playroom doesn’t have to dip into your life savings. Discover five inexpensive ways to decorate a kid’s playroom.


Change Color Palate

One of the easiest ways to drastically transform a kid’s playroom without spending a lot is by changing the color palate of the room. Instead of spending $20 to $30 on a single gallon of paint, save money by having a standard primer tinted to the desired color. A gallon of standard primer typically costs about $15, and home improvement stores do not charge to add paint color to a can of primer. Paint retailers don’t want people discovering this cost-saving tip!


Get Organized

Simply organizing the playroom using low-cost storage options can instantly spruce it up and make the space easier to clean. If you already have shelves, half the problem is solved! Online school supply stores such as Discount School Supply sell cubby trays at less than retail prices. Make homemade cubby bins out of shoe boxes to save extra money. Kids often love decorating shoe boxes, and all they need are some art supplies like colored paper, glue, stickers, glitter and other cheap art supplies. A simple piece of fabric, which costs $3 to $10 per yard at discount stores, can cover the opening of a bookcase and hide clutter, as well.


Make It Comfortable

If new furniture for the playroom isn’t an option, pillow chairs are comfortable alternatives that only cost about $25 at Kmart. Bean bag chairs, which average $10 to $100 at discount stores, are available in many shapes and colors. However, I don’t advise having bean bag chairs or overstuffed pillows around small children. Kids love being comfortable while reading books, playing with electronics, and lounging around.


Add Special Décor

There are thousands of inexpensive decorating items for kids’ playrooms, depending on the theme of the space. Most kids love wall decals because of their sticker-like nature. Wall decals, depending of their size, usually cost under $20 at Target. RoomMates sells peel-and-stick wallpaper borders for less than $20 per five yards of border. Stenciling is another inexpensive option for adding interest to walls. Stencils only cost a few bucks at craft stores, acrylic paint runs about $10 per color, and a cheap paint brush costs costs around $5 at discount stores. Kids love having their artwork on display, and plastic frames cost under $5 at dollar stores.


New Lighting

Colorful lighting fixtures add fun and interesting focal points to kids’ playrooms. Children’s lighting comes in a large assortment of cool designs to complement any playroom theme. Ikea sells kid-friendly hanging light fixtures for under $30, and LED stick-on lights only cost about $20 (pack of three) at Peel-and-stick lights can be placed at the level a child can reach, and they don’t require cords and electrical outlets.

Simply using cost-efficient methods to update a kid’s playroom can help save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It doesn’t matter to kids how much money you spend; they are usually excited to see new décor and start playing in the space again.


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    • BStoneBlog profile image

      Jay Dickens 4 years ago

      I love the idea of stick-on LEDs placed lower down, would be great in a reading nook or for doing puzzles.