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How to Decorate Around a Four Post Bed

Updated on December 9, 2013

Four post beds come in a variety of styles.  They can be feminine in design, or highly masculine in appeal.  When it comes to decorating around a four post bed, the design of it makes all the difference in the rest of the room's decor.  Below are some tips for decorating a bedroom around either a feminine or masculine four post bed design.

The Feminine Four Post Bed

Romance lives in beds that have posts and canopies. There is something uniquely romantic about such a bed and the homeowner who chooses to have one in the bedroom should decorate accordingly. For a four post bed that has delicate lines or is crafted of curling metal designs, a feminine décor will work the best in the room.

Begin by considering the colors found in the bed frame itself when deciding how to decorate. If the bed has warm tan or beige tones, opt for warmer shades of pinks, peaches or ivories. For a four post bed that is crafted from coated metal, perhaps a cooler shade of blue, violet or white would look best. By incorporating the undertones of the bed frame into the rest of the room's décor, such as a music note wall décor, you’ll create a comfortable and cohesive feel to the space.

For traditional feminine romance decorating include flowers and rich, luxurious fabrics. Make the four poster bed with satin or silk sheets, fluffy down comforters and warm, rich throw blankets. A light and romantic four poster bed may be made with white linens and accented by soft, floral accent pillows with lacy edges. Also consider running flowers around the posts for an added feminine touch. A dainty four poster bed is perfect for a romantic, feminine decor.

The Man's Lair

Although some may envision a four post bed as strictly feminine, there are many four post beds that are designed with a man's taste in mind. Chunky, wooden pillars make up the posts of a manly four post bed. They are usually slightly angular and very geometric in design. Instead of the traditional lighter tones of a feminine four post bed, the man's variety is often finished in a deep wood tone or painted black. This makes decorating the room around the bed very different from its feminine counterpart.

Since most of the masculine four post beds are dark in tone, it is important to draw some of that richness into the room's decorating style. Gray walls in a bedroom with a black four post bed are the perfect accent for a rich, sumptuous feel. The color enhances the authority that the four post bed commands and it can be drawn throughout the room into the bedding, floor coverings, furniture upholstery and wall décor art. When the bedroom is decorated around the masculine four post bed, there is no question that the four post style of bed works well for both feminine and masculine decors.

It is important to use the bed's style when decorating the room. A masculine style four post bed in a feminine décor, will look outrageously out of place, as would a feminine bed in a masculine room. Choose the style of bed that will work best for those who will be using the room the most, and decorate around that style.

This article is written by Maria Harris, who writes for Metal Wall Art.


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