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How to Decorate Your Bare Walls

Updated on February 14, 2017

New Décor Excitement

You have been working hard on decorating, or redecorating, your abode. The furnishings have finally all come together. The living room is just right with the sofa and chairs, or sectional, you have been searching for. Newly purchased chairs in the dining room add excitement. With fresh bedding and window treatments the bedroom sparkles. Even the new towels in the bathroom have given your water closet some exciting pizazz.

Time to decorate the bare walls.
Time to decorate the bare walls. | Source

Decorating the Walls

Great job so far. There just seems to be something off. Everything works but the room still looks empty. It is time to perk up the bare walls to complete your décor.

Visit Galleries

Art work can be expensive. If you are ready to invest and want to buy something special the first rule is to make sure you really love the piece. Even if it is a painting valued in the thousands, it will not be worth anything to you if you do not like it and hate having it hanging on your wall.

  • Make it a fun day out discovering artists you like and admire.

  • Go home and research their backgrounds, and values of their work. Then you can make an informed purchase.
  • You must listen to your heart and buy the piece that calls to you and no one else. You will be proud every time you look at it and show it off.

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Create Art Inexpensively

That special piece of artwork may be out of your price range but that does not mean adding artful décor will be. One can easily make walls look beautiful with a much smaller investment. There are some great decorating tips to perk up your abode’s walls on a light budget.

  • Do a wall of family photos. This works great on a staircase wall or a corridor wall. It becomes your own private gallery. Do not be afraid to mix frames. They do not need to be all the same wood or finish. Guests will enjoy looking at the photos and you will enjoy the memories.

Create a fun gallery to create a wall of photos.
Create a fun gallery to create a wall of photos. | Source
  • Scope out garage and yard sales for interesting artwork and posters. Remember sometimes even if you do not like the art, the frame might make it worth the purchase. You can use the frame on a piece you already have and need to frame or have a mirror cut to fit inside the frame.
  • Find interesting wallpaper samples to cut out, matte, and frame. You can purchase inexpensive mattes and frames at big box arts and crafts stores. The finished product will look like an actual painting. Folks will think that you spent much more than you did. The same can be done with interesting magazine pictures and post cards.

Framed work created from wallpaper art.
Framed work created from wallpaper art. | Source
  • Look in old bookstores for used coffee table books in areas of interest to you. You can cut out the pages with pictures you like and frame them.
  • Old record album covers framed make a perfect gallery wall for a family room or office.

  • Fabric can be framed as well. Custom match bedding and place in a grouping behind the bed in place of a headboard. The fabric can be changed as you change your bedding choices.
  • Light weight vinyl ceiling medallions can be purchased at big box construction supply stores. Pick various sizes and designs. Paint them and hang them in a group for an interesting look.
  • If you have been a collector, you might want to think about making use of your collection and displaying it. Old license plates or bottle caps can be grouped together and hung on the wall. Old stamps or coins can be placed under glass for presentation. A rag doll or stuffed toy can be placed in a shadow box and hung on the wall. Paper money you have collected from your travels abroad can be matted and framed.

Use your collections to craft a wall with unique art.
Use your collections to craft a wall with unique art. | Source
  • Pick up old tossed antique divided windows and doors that have been thrown out. These can be used for creative framing or just to hang as a group on a wall.

Now it is time to scavenge around. Make use of those items you have been collecting for all those years. Display your memories. Enjoy your search and efforts. Put your mind to it and create your own wall pieces. Being surrounded by your walls should always make you feel happy and secure.


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