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How to Decorate the Perfect Bedroom

Updated on January 11, 2015
The dream catchers over our bed were gifts, but the color scheme was our own. Our kitties seem pretty happy with it, too.
The dream catchers over our bed were gifts, but the color scheme was our own. Our kitties seem pretty happy with it, too. | Source

Everyone has different tastes, but when it comes to the bedroom, some things are universal. The primary purpose for a bedroom is naturally to sleep. However, it’s also often used for recreation and storage, depending on space and living situations.

Soothing Colors

Since this is where you do most of your sleeping, the colors you use should be soothing enough to help you fall into sleep.

Blues and greens are considered very soothing, and in various metaphysical realms, are considered to be the most healing of colors.

Some colors geared towards relaxation are the following:

The color of leaves, green is the color of restoration and healing. Lots of people are reminded of a tranquil garden or a relaxing stroll through the woods. Any shade of green, except for neon, is great for soothing the body and mind.

If you’re a fan of the ocean or the sky, blue is a wonderful color to theme a bedroom around. We’re naturally geared to find water soothing, because its gentle rocking motion reminds us on an instinctive level of being in our mother’s womb.

It also brings to mind lazy summer days of lying on a grassy hill and watching the sky on a sunny summer day.

Gentle pinks are very easy on the eye, and tend to remind us of luxury.

A beautiful attic bedroom.
A beautiful attic bedroom. | Source

Various shades of brown, from beige to a shade closer to the earth, help ground us and lull us into sleep. It’s a very soothing color because it brings a sense of security to mind. The safer we feel, the easier it is to rest.

This royal color is another one that makes us feel luxurious. There’s something about it that wraps many people in a secure sense of spirituality. The herb lavender, which has purple flowers, has also been used for centuries to relax restless minds.

Since we own our house, we were able to paint our walls. We went with a deep blue and have matching curtains to cut out light from outside. The darkness helps my husband and I fall asleep more easily. It’s also a great place to recover from migraines when I get them.

If you’re stuck with white walls, try tapestries or pictures to add your desired color to your walls. There are some beautiful celestial patterns available for wall hangings.


There are some amazing bed frames out there, but the most important thing to consider in a bed is comfort. If the mattress is too hard or too soft, you may start experiencing back and neck problems during the day, in addition to poor sleep.

The pillows and comforters you use are just as important. If you’re too cold or too hot, you won’t be able to sleep, and will suffer for it in during the day. As when you’re dressing for winter, layers are important.

The sheets help trap our body heat close to the skin while allowing room to breath. Light blankets add more insulation, while comforters add weight and trap more heat. The mattress also keeps warmth close to the body.

This insulation is important, because as we sleep, our core body temperature drops.

As for colors and patterns, there is a wide variety available. It’s best to have at least two sets of sheets and blankets for summer and winter. It’s nice to switch them up once in a while for a fresh look. It’s amazing how different the room will look with a different blanket draped over the bed and different colored sheets.

Pillows are another important element. If you have breathing problems, you probably sleep better propped at a 45 degree angle, but generally, people prefer to lie flat. Depending on your preferred sleeping position, your pillows should be at different firmnesses.

To keep allergies down to a dull roar, wash your bedding at least once every two weeks. Dust has a tendency to build up in textiles, but regular washings will keep it down.

Best Pillows For Sleeping Positions

Sleeping Position

Some pillows offer better support for different sleeping positions.

A lovely vanity which can also be used as a dresser.
A lovely vanity which can also be used as a dresser. | Source


Since our bedrooms are where we keep our clothing, storage is an important factor.

Dressers are popular options, and if you’re lucky enough to have a large closet, the dresser may not be necessary.

There’s not much need to fret if you have a small closet, though. If you look online, in thrift stores or browse garage sales, you should be able to find a bureau to accommodate any extra hanging clothing you may have.

However, organization can be a challenge. Even the smallest closet can become cluttered, but if you can utilize space under the bed and whatever shelf space at hand, you’ll be able to find whatever you need with minimal struggle.

There are also great over the door storage units for shoes and smaller things. The walls can serve as storage for things like necklaces or belts with the right hooks.

Many people also put their winter clothing in storage over the summer, or vice versa. It’s a great idea to go through your wardrobe at least once a year to weed out anything you haven’t worn in the previous year, clothing that doesn’t fit or clothing that’s too beaten up to be mended.


When space is at a premium, the bedroom often serves a double purpose of rest and entertainment. Many young people have desks in their rooms, which have their computer and other materials for work and play. A well organized desk will help you maximize your space.

The bedside table can be another piece of the entertainment puzzle. If you enjoy reading, but don’t have an electronic reader, make sure you have a light to read by. There are clamp-on lights available, as well as small lamps which can rest on the table by an alarm clock.

If you enjoy journaling, the bedside table is a great place to keep a notebook and pen for late night or early morning writing.

The bedside table can also hold aromatherapy dispensers. I keep my clay dispenser by our bed and an assortment of semiprecious stones which encourage dreaming and sleep. I find they help me sleep, but each person is different.

However, if you’re lucky enough to be in a living situation which doesn’t necessitate using the same space in which you sleep for a center of entertainment, it’s best to just dedicate your bedroom to rest. That way, you will be more likely to nod off easily, since you will have conditioned your mind to be ready for sleep when you lie down.


Television in the Bedroom?

I’ve met quite a few people who have problems falling asleep if they don’t have the background noise of the TV. Personally, I tend to have problems staying awake through movies, but I still refuse to have a television in our room.


The light and sound of television actually tends to decrease the quality of sleep a person gets, and it interrupts with morning/evening thought processes. Silence and darkness are two of the most important things to resting well.

If you have a significant other with whom you sleep, it can also detract from your relations, because it’s so distracting in nature.

To be honest, the television question comes down to a matter of personal preference. If I had the option of the hide away TV in the video, however, I might not be as resistant to the idea.

Keep in mind that each person’s idea of a perfect bedroom changes throughout their life. Teenagers who still live with their parents will have a different ideal, once they’re living independently, just like a college student’s idea will change when they graduate into the work force.

However, regardless of what you’re situation is, these pointers will help everyone find their perfect place.

Whitmor Over The Door Shoe Shelves - 24 Sections - Java
Whitmor Over The Door Shoe Shelves - 24 Sections - Java
I have a white canvas version of this, and love it. You can use it for shoes, like I do, or for storing small items.

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