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How to Decorate to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Updated on November 20, 2017
Make a small space look larger with these decorating tips!
Make a small space look larger with these decorating tips!

You've decided to redecorate a space in your home. Maybe it's that breakfast nook or that small bedroom or home office space that just always get left out of being redecorated because you're not sure if there's any space for you to revamp.

There are some great ways that you can refresh almost any space in your home, or if you have a smaller home, you can apply these decorating guidelines to make almost any room magically seem larger.

Lighter Neutral Colors vs. Darker Colors

How you use color in a room can make it seem dreery or cheery and the same is true of making a space look larger. Lighter shades of neutral colors are a great option for walls in a cozy space because they tend to open up a space as opposed to darker shades, which can make a little room seem cramped and even a little gloomy.

Use Furniture and Accessories with Style and Functionality

When decorating a small space, don't forget shelves and tall, narrow bookcases or storage units. Using a couple of these items in a room can maximize the height of a room, instead of using lots of floor space, and also shift the focal point of the room off of the narrowness or small size of a space.

Storage ottomans or under-the-bed storage options can also provide storage space and look fashionable. Using these pieces will also keep clutter, which of course, takes up space, to a minimum.

Use Bolder or Brighter Colors as Accents

While using neutrals in a small space is a great way to open up a space, using bold colors as accent colors in pillows, blankets, or other accessories is a great way to take the attention off of the size of a space and on to the beautiful color scheme taking place in the room.

Less is More

Remember that too much of a good thing equals clutter. While having things like wall art and comfy furniture are great additions to any space, having too much of both things can make a room look cramped and uncomfortable. Choose wisely by honestly evaluating how these pieces will work together in the space you're decorating. If you need to, draw a simple diagram of how you'd like to use these things in your space so you can get a clearer picture of how your room will look when you've finished decorating.

These suggestions can help you redecorate a small space stylishly while making a cozy space look more roomy. So don't feel lost on where to begin, you can decorate with fashion and function in almost any space.


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