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How to Design Nightclub Lighting

Updated on January 6, 2014

Which Areas Are Best?

There are many areas of a night club that require lighting. In addition to the dance floor, nightclub lights are needed on table tops, in the sitting room, on the walls, in the stairwells, at the bar, the backroom and outside. Each area requires lighting appropriate to the function so that the patrons and users of the areas can do what they need to do in a safe and enjoyable fashion.

One of the types of nightclub lights is that used on the tops of the tables. Tables can be lit by candles in small glass containers which create more intimate spaces for small groups of friends and couples. Booths can usually be lit by hanging or pendant lights while a more familiar atmosphere can be had with lamps on every table.

Nightclub lights should also be considered in sitting rooms or lounges. Lamps can be of the standing variety strategically placed in the room so as to maintain safety and not take up too much floor space while still providing an atmosphere conducive to talking and socializing. Lighting can also be achieved by using the faux fireplaces with electrical lighting that add a soft tough and warm glow as well as interest to the space. A recent fad in lighting equipment is the LED table or cube. These can add interest to a sitting room or lounge as they react to the touch and change patterns depending on how one comes in contact with them. The cubes can also serve as drink stands or as chairs, depending on the arrangement of the environment.

The best kind of nightclub lights for the walls is sconces. They create a soft pleasant glow and save on space because they hang on the wall and do not take up any floor space. They can also serve to accent a wall or architectural feature in an attention-grabbing manner yet still maintain their classy appearance.

Stairs can be lit with either recessed lights that are placed underneath steps or along the walls are by strip lights that are placed along the edges of the steps so the steps themselves are clearly visible. Strip lights can also be used in hallways that lead to exits and bathrooms and other private areas which patrons might use.


The appropriate lights are also important at the bar. Various special effects in the bar can be created with some imaginative use of lights. For example, recessed lights placed behind the bottles on the back wall of the bar can display the choice of liquors with the variety of light reflections generating an attractive and informative display for patrons. Bar areas can also have recessed lights in the leg space underneath the bar on the customer side to provide light for the legs as well as recessed lights above the customers so the surface of the bar is readily visible. This makes it easier for patrons to see their drinks and the munchies that usually accompany the drinks.

Lights are also needed in backroom areas where customers do not have access and in bathrooms where they do. This can be as simple as fluorescent lights to brighten up the spaces and facilitate use. Nightclub lights need to be considered for all spaces used in the club, both public and private, so there is a consistent feeling of attention to lighting design throughout the club.


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