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How to Design Unique Shower Heads at Home

Updated on August 15, 2017
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Being in financial doldrums shouldn't translate to living in flat and boring environment. Instead, it should stroke creativity to turn ordinary spaces into mercurial abodes. One area that you should actually start with is the bathing area. Below are 10 creative tips you can leverage on to turn your 'just normal' space to stunning area that you'll always be looking forward to. Read on.

1. Rain style shower heads

You'll will reckon that a bath at a spa is always a great experience owing to the enticing rain shower heads. You can bring the relaxing rainy shower experience and enjoy a nice bathe every evening. To design such a nice shower head, take your current to a plumbing professional and ask them to replace the existing small head with the more expansive shower head.

2. Vertical shower heads

Installing multiple vertical shower heads gives a pleasurable experience to the users. What's more, you only need to install pipes aligned vertically and you'll be set to go.

3. Rotating shower head

Sometimes a rotating shower is all you need to convert your average bathing area into a classic personal space. A rotating shower has nearly the same effect as the rainy shower head.

4. Low flow shower head

The low flow shower head helps save on water and also makes the shower more pleasurable as it lasts. Simply reduce the pressure of water and create small holes for outlets to achieve your dream shower.

5. Wide spray shower head


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