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How to Easily Get Rid of Flies

Updated on May 7, 2020
Cynthia Hoover profile image

Cynthia is a social butterfly who enjoys entertaining family and friends with dinner parties and barbecues.

Everyone has some form of experience with flies. The pesky insects that ruin our summer fun. For me, I deal with flies a bit more than the average person. Why? Most likely due to the fact we have livestock animals. Yep, flies love manure. Over the years, I have tested many traps, sprays, baits and more to rid myself of this insect.

I am happy to report after a small fortune to control the fly population, I finally found a working remedy. A remedy that is cost effective, down right cheap. One that is easy to set up, and takes little effort but provides impressive results.

Are you planning some summer fun? Want to keep the flies at bay so you can enjoy entertaining in your backyard? Picnics, Barbecues or just enjoying time with the family outside. I will discuss deterrents and traps that do not work. And let you in on a low budget easy effective solution to any fly problem you may have.

So you have a fly problem. Are they ruining your outdoor gatherings, camping trips or a barbecue? If you answered yes, I have a solution. Since I have many live stock animals I have tested many products over the years to get rid of flies. There has been only 1 product I found that had amazing results.

Flies would often pester me and my family to no end. Despite the barn being fairly far from the house. It never failed every year, we had flies everywhere. Inside the house, outside the house and any place you would want to be in the yard. We have a large amount of property and it never failed no matter where we tried to go. We get attacked by a army of pesky flying insects.

Ruining whatever outdoor fun we were planning. And also making any farm work we to be done a horrible task. Feeding the animals at the barn or fixing fences, you name it flies were wreaking havoc. There is nothing more annoying than trying to work out in the heat with flies landing in your face the entire time.

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One of the main reasons I needed a solution to an ever growing fly problem was my livestock animals.
One of the main reasons I needed a solution to an ever growing fly problem was my livestock animals. | Source

Sticky Fly Traps

Sticky traps are generally rod shaped, though I have also tried the film for windows. I have tried several different types of sticky fly traps. I do not recommend them. I had a horrible experience. First of all I had them hanging in high traffic locations for a long period of time. Despite having applied the 'bait' or attractant the flies seemed elusive. They could have cared less about the hanging rods or whatever the bait was that came with them.

Then to my horror the one thing I never wanted to happen did. My sticky rod attracted a bird. A beautiful tufted titmouse was looking at me as it was completely stuck to the trap. The titmouse remained surprising calm, I happened to look up. Who knows how long the bird had been there since it was not making a peep.

This proved to be a traumatizing event for myself and my son who was 5 years old at the time. I spent hours painstaking attempting to remove the titmouse keeping feathers intact. At the end I did get it removed, but there was a lot of feather loss. The titmouse had both wings attached to the rod as if it landed and hugged it.

Happy to report that after a few weeks spent recovering with us in a bird house on our porch. We were able to watch the tufted titmouse take flight again. So sticky traps are a hard no for me and my family.

Reusable Jar Traps for Flies

Sticky traps were just another failed solution to an every growing fly issue. Again I moved on. I found a new Eco friendly option. A re-usable jar style fly trap. It came with a large jar, lid and bait that you mixed.

Holy mother of stench! These stink worse than the manure at the barn on a 90 degree summer day. A fowl stench of immeasurable scope. No matter where I set these traps, I could smell it. Sitting them at the barn and far reaches from the house. As soon as I stepped outside and the stench greeted me.

As if the smell alone was not an issue. To reuse these, you have to empty them. Now the initial stench was rotten enough. Imagine rotten eggs mixed with summer sun roadkill that has aged in the sun. By the time your ready to dispose of the trap having a strong stomach is helpful.

It's not a simple process, I found emptying jar traps to be more labor intensive than expected. Much different entirely than dumping in the nearest trashcan. Seeing the amount of procreating that occurred, turned my stomach and I am not squeamish. Yes you can expect to see a large number of maggots as well as flies.

How to Empty a Jar Trap

• Close lid
• Shake it
• Leave out in the heat
• Dump contents

Close it and give it a shake, in hopes you drown everything in the remaining bait liquid. Leaving out in the heat speeds the process. Only adding to the smell. Then dump, rinse and repeat by adding fresh bait.

As I mentioned, we have livestock. We have a large property so we purchased several of these. We learned a valuable lesson when we were mixing the bait for each one. This smell not only offensive on a daily basis. But if you get the bait on you. Try as you may, you will wait for the stink to ware off. That's right it happened to me.

So dumping these is fun. Well not fun truly. What happens is they stink, ever so bad do they stink. So while you find yourself trying not to toss your cookies. At the end of the day, while they were not too labor intensive they are messy and oh that smell. So I do not recommend these either.

The repellent sprays I tested seemed to leave a fog lingering around. Fog is okay when it is natural. I just did not feel comfortable using in around my family and animals. I decided to pursue other options to control my livestock.
The repellent sprays I tested seemed to leave a fog lingering around. Fog is okay when it is natural. I just did not feel comfortable using in around my family and animals. I decided to pursue other options to control my livestock.

Fly Repellent Sprays

I found myself yet again looking for a new solution. At our weekly run to our local farm store I noticed a spray repellent for flies in the equine section. I am not enthusiastic about using chemicals, but I wanted to enjoy a moment of peace on my porch with my morning coffee. Without battling flies to enjoy the sunrise. So I snagged a couple to give them a shot.

Another stench. This time not a gag reflex stench, but a strong chemical smell. Almost as if I set off a fogging bomb in the area. The smell also seemed to make the air thick. I should have expected as much, considering it is an aerosol spray chemical. I always read directions on any chemicals as with this one.
The smell was to over powering to make it worth using considering the lack of results.

I could smell it for hours after spraying while flies continued to dance in my face. This one was expensive. Too expensive for me considering it did nothing for the fly problem. Another product tested and failed to tackle the every growing population of flies.

I knew I had a fly problem. After only a few days I was amazed at the amount of flies I was able to trap.
I knew I had a fly problem. After only a few days I was amazed at the amount of flies I was able to trap. | Source

Effective Low Cost Fly Traps

Here I was looking at farm related items on Amazon one day. And I found a different style fly trap, the RESCUE! Outdoor Disposable Hanging Fly Trap. It was on sale cheap at the time. So into my cart it went and I checked out. Two days later (thank you prime shipping) I was setting up and testing another fly trap. And two days after that I was stocking up on more! Finally a trap that works. This is a disposable bait trap. Set it up, wait for it to fill close it and toss it. Simple easy and effective.

Setting it up and using this trap is easy. I don't have to interact with the bait. It is inside you should simply add water. The bait is already inside. No mixing required, the small pouch containing bait dissolves once mixed with water. These come sealed, somewhat assembly required.

How To Use Rescue Fly Traps

• Cut along dotted line
• Pull up plunger cap
• Add water
• Hang

Cut them open around the top. Pull up a plunger style stop and add your water. Add some string or wire and hang. Super easy. Now they can be smelly if you put your nose up to them when filling them. But so long as you are not putting them in a cross breeze they are not offensive while you enjoy the outdoors.

These began to fill up expeditiously. Luckily in comparison to the other traps and sprays I had tried these were a cost effective solution. I much prefer the easy disposal of these. Just push down the cap and toss. Rather than purging and reuse like other ones.

The first few traps filled up fast. The amount of flies captured was shocking. Since I found these at a decent price I had stocked up. So at any given time I was using several and more waiting if needed. I had traps leftover that I will set out this year too.

These are budget friendly, you can usually catch them around 5 bucks each. A small price to pay once you see them filling up. We enjoyed every minute of our summer outdoors once I discovered these. We could enjoy cooking on the grill and having dinner outside. I no longer deal with flies coming inside either. The traps have taken care of the problem and indoors remain free of pests.

I recommend these for anyone with flies. You never interact with the bait or flies. No worry of having a stinky bait stuck on you. Who wants to end up touching flies, they are gross! Farmers, or not anyone with pest control issues big or small can enjoy these. An easy to use trap that allows you to enjoy your time outside without flies interfering.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Cynthia Hoover


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