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How to Effectively Design Custom Bathroom Signs While Staying Compliant

Updated on September 6, 2013
Custom Bathroom Signs
Custom Bathroom Signs

If you are to look around you and compare the bathroom signs that you see everywhere, you will notice that majority, if not all of these signs, are all alike. Wouldn’t you like to see custom bathroom signs that look somewhat different in your establishment in order to break the monotony of such signs? Or are you content with using the same common bathroom signs that you see all around you?

Customizing your bathroom signs requires that you still follow certain rules set by the ADA. While there are strict regulations that need to be followed when you do make your custom bathroom signs, you can still create signs that are in line with your design ideas without having to risk being in violation of ADA guidelines.

Designing Custom Bathroom Signs
Designing Custom Bathroom Signs

Customize Your Signs With Rules in Mind

If you want to effectively customize your bathroom signs without putting yourself in danger of penalties or fines, you need to ensure that all ADA guidelines are met as you choose customization options for your signs. How do you do this? Here are some tips that may be useful:

  • Make sure that all of the ADA regulations that need to be followed for your bathroom sign are followed. Custom does not equate to non-compliant. Some of the rules that you need to ensure are being adhered to when you customize these signs include the use of tactile letters, the addition of Braille translations and the proper color contrast between the sign background and the text on these signs.
  • Choose from the color combinations that the ADA has approved for color contrast in order to keep yourself compliant. You do have quite a number of choices on hand for this, giving you more than the usual white over blue signage options that most people believe are the only colors available for bathroom signs.
  • If your custom bathroom sign designs are very unique and very artistic, you can still use these without going against ADA rules. What you need to do is to have two signs made for your bathrooms, with one being an ADA compliant sign and the other being your artistic, decorative, funny, unique sign. Post the ADA sign where it should be posted, according to guidelines of course, and post your supplementary sign somewhere near it or on the way to these bathrooms for your personalized touch.
  • If using two signs for your bathroom is not within your budget, try to look at how you can customize your signs without having to stray too far from the ADA guidelines you need to follow. There are a lot of options you can employ when it comes to customizing signs, even bathroom signs. You can choose to use funny pictograms while still using the right fonts, colors, text sizes and Braille translations for these.
  • Check for local rules regarding bathroom signs and other signage that need to follow ADA rules. While the ADAAG is indeed used all across the country, sometimes certain states have additional rules that you need to follow for compliance. Take for example the California rule for ADA bathroom signs. You will need to follow the rules they have for this, which is slightly different from what the ADAAG has, in order for you to be in compliance.

Custom bathroom signs can be compliant with ADA rules as long as you know what your customization limitations are. Just ensure that you cover all of the rules set for these signs when customizing and you won’t find yourself in trouble with penalties or fines.


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