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How to Find House Values Online

Updated on January 27, 2010

Whether you are in the market for your first home, a new home, or are looking to invest in real estate in a particular area, knowing the values of houses in your area of interest is a key first step. In addition, knowing the values of houses in your area will help you determine when you can retire or what improvements should be made to your current home in order to sell it more easily in the future. 

Many websites will give you real estate values in your neighborhoods that can be especially useful for determining the fair market value of your home. Some sites will allow you to input specific information about your house or a house you are interested in to generate a calculation of an approximate value.

Many of these websites offer free information, but some like Domania offer more in-depth assistance at a cost. This can include loan counseling, appraisals on your current or prospective house, information on new construction, and personalized assistance in searching for a house or selling one that you currently own.

In addition, some sites such as provide information on housing trends and projections for future home values as well as advice for purchasing a home and managing a mortgage. Like many sites, Zillow also offers the option of creating a personal account that allows you to save properties that interest you and input preferences such as price range, size, location, and school system that can help Zillow’s database suggest homes that fit your needs.

If you want to search by home value, age, school district, or similar criteria, try using a site such as that allows you to search by this criteria. Cyberhomes offers a news page with real estate trends and a blog with updated real estate information presented in an easily-readable format. This also allows a two-way conversation with the site’s experts through which you can ask questions and get advice. Additionally, Cyberhomes allows you to search for moving quotes, which is particularly helpful if you are moving a long distance.

Of course, working with a realtor is the time-honored method of finding the values of houses, and nowadays realtors are working more and more online to provide house values and guidance in all aspects of the housing market. is the official site of the National Association of Realtors and is a valuable guide for reliable housing information for locations throughout the country.

Image Credit: respres, Flickr


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