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How to Find a Real Estate Agent Online

Updated on January 31, 2010

Search Engines and Real Estate Agent Directories Make It Easy

Real estate brokers hire agents to sell homes. Finding a real estate agent in your local area is rather easy. Just look in newspapers or phone directories. However, those who plan on moving and would like to buy a home in a different area may need to find a real estate agent in a different area. Buyers of HUD homes may also need to find an agent in a different area. Search engines and real estate agent directories make it easy to find a real estate agent in all parts of the country.

Visit to find a directory of agents. Use the search feature at the top or narrow down your search by clicking on one of the states in the map on the main page. Of course, sites like this may not have all agents in the county. But it simplifies the search for agents in other parts of the country.

You can also use to find a local agent. Enter the state and city name in the search feature on the main page.

Use websites of specific real estate brokers to find agents working with that company. Sites like have a directory with all their nationwide agents.

Using a search engine to find an agent can uncover additional real estate professionals. Use the following basic phrase in search engines like Google: "(city name) real esate agent". This may result in finding agents that are not listed in the directories. However, find additional directories by using the phrase "real estate agent directory" in search engines.

Investors or others who are shopping around for HUD homes need to find an agent registered with HUD. Most agents are registered with HUD, but always call and ask when conducting your search.

Sometimes, a better way to search for a home in a new area is to look at MLS listings. These "multiple listing service" listings allow potential home buyers to search for houses around the country. has listings of homes for sale all around the country. Finding a house that you like first and then contacting the agent listed for that house can save time because you may find the wrong agent for the house you want to buy or even be led astray by a shady realtor.

Those who wish to move and rent a place can save time by looking for an apartment locator service. Many agents only work in home sales instead of renting. But apartment locator services specialize in helping renters find local apartments. Search for "(city name) apartment locator service" to find online catalogs or companies that give details on local apartments.


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