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How to Furnish Your Home For Close To Free

Updated on November 6, 2012 | Source

Where To Get Free Items

In today's economy furnishing a house for the first time can seem like a expensive undertaking, and if you just don't have the money to do it, it may seem like something that is just out of reach. But there is a lot of ways to get free Items for your home that are in good shape and that you can fix and make them look brand new or fit your style with very little money.

Getting your free items might take some time depending on where you live.

I do not recommend getting mattress or pillows from these sites. If you do clean them well by washing all pillows and linens in hot water with bleach or color safe bleach and drying on high heat. For mattress clean with a hand steamer, and/or vacuum will, and scrub with bleach and/or a cleaner that disinfects, and use a hair dryer to dry then spray both sides with Lysol and a lice spray do not use for two days then spray again. Make sure you lice spray and Lysol anything you get that has cloth on it. To kill any that might come in free items. 99% of the items you will get will have nothing wrong with them but it is better to be safe then not.

Places to get free furniture.

(1) Craigslist- Everyone knows about Craigslist. They have a free secession where people will list all kind of things, You find everything from pets to TVs on here like right now on my, there is as of today is a couch, and love seat, fire wood, a dog, garage sale left overs, and a bed. Just go to and look under your zip code, and see what you can get. You want to look for items in good shape, but keep in mind it is free so it might have some rips, or a dog chewed on it so on.

(2) If you do not know about this site then you missing out, You can find almost anything on here and also make a listing for items you need. This site you need to be quick on because some will post that they have something like a washer and dryer to give away on the curb. it is first come, first sever type of thing. But you can set it up to txt you anytime some post a new ad..

(3) Your daily paper classifieds should have a free section and sometimes you will find something, But the paper never has much in it but check every few days anyways.

(4) Also make it known that you are just moving in and do not have anything. Tell the people who live next to you, friends, co-workers and family. This without fail will get you pots pans and all kind of things running out of ears. Even if someone says they don't have anything in a week or two they will come back with a box of things they found and thought of you.

(5) A home warming. This is a bit old fashion but still works good, Have a home warming party and ask or make a wish list of cheaper gifts you need at a store everyone goes to like Wal-Mart or target. Add items such as pots, pans, dishes, curtains, rugs and so on keep it short and keep the gifts in a price range your friends and can afford. If you do this remember it is a party and not just for gifts, some people may not bring something and you may not get everything you wanted, But plan a good party with food, games and so on.

If you make under a cretin amount of money or get wicc, ebt or so on. There is some other option.

(1) Goodwill. Some goodwill will let you work for an item or so. So if there is something you need you can ask your local goodwill if they will do this for you. All are superpose to but I have been to a few that will not. They will have you work the amount of time it cost to pay for the item with is usually about a day or 2 and you will be sweeping floors or helping with donation.

(2) Salvation Army. Some salvation armies will give out vouchers for almost everything in their thrift store. This is a good place to get dishes, couches, and mattress from.

(3) In a lot of towns have churches that have furniture that they will give out to families in need call around. You might find a dining table or dresser that they will give you.

Making Your Free items Look New

You got all the items you needed now your home looks like a thrift store. It is time to make your items look more like you and this is where the money comes in.

What you will need

(1) Paint, spray paint and stains. To get this free you check free cycle and Craigslist and also Check with your local waste management group to see where your HHW facility is located household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facilities have product exchange rooms, sometimes called swap rooms That you can get free paint from. If you do not want to do this you can buy it for cheap at Wal-Mart, or other stores

You can Spray paint your new lamps, Stain or paint wooden items, Make sure you sand them first and clean well.

(2) Fabric dies. These are cheap and be bought at craft stores, target, k-mart or Wal-Mart.

With these. You can die your sheets, towels, table cloths, and slipcovers to match your style of room.

(3) Slipcovers or Fabric to make slipcovers and curtains- This can be pricey you can save money by shopping for cloth that is on sale and making them your self

To use on couches, chairs, and curtains

You can also make pillows and other decor to make your room feel as it goes to gather.

Make sure you repair all tears, rips, and chews marks, before covering, or painting.

Now all you got to do is buy your finishing items, plants, art and so on and you’re ready to go.

Enjoy your free furnished room or house.


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