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How to get Rid of Frogs in a Swimming Pool

Updated on April 5, 2017
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Barack is a chemical engineer with a knack for pool chemistry. He has been in the pool maintenance industry for 8 years.

Getting rid of frogs in a swimming pool
Getting rid of frogs in a swimming pool | Source

How to Get Rid of Frogs in an In-ground Backyard Swimming Pool

Depending on the location of your in-ground swimming pool; occasionally you will be finding dead or live frogs, chipmunks, mice, salamanders, voles, and lizards inside your pool or skimmer basket.

This issue is common with in-ground pools that are located in the backyard where there are grasses, swamps, and old buildings.

A friend of mine who has a swimming pool next to an old building usually got dead frogs and lizards inside the pool and skimmer basket.

His pool guy thought that there might be problem with water chemistry and messed by increasing levels of chlorine. As you can guess, what followed were more dead frogs and lizards in the pool.

For Christ sake; when you get lots of critters in your pool or skimmer dead or alive, the problem is not with your water chemistry and don’t need to shock your pool.

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The only problem may be where your pool is located and the surroundings of your pool, and you can revert this only by moving your pool from that location to another location where critters will not find their way into your pool or skimmer basket.

Frolog is all you need

Relocated your swimming pool seems a little more expensive option just because of poor little critters.

Last month for the first time, I recommended froglog to the same friend who got dead frogs in the skimmer and inside the pool.

Of course I have been hearing and reading about froglog in online, but it has been a little of my concern since I don’t have issues with dead critters in my pool.

Froglog allows little critters to climb up and get out through it so that they don’t have to die inside the pool.

We ordered one floglog to experiment if it really works like people who have use it claim. We put our froglog over the edge of the swimming pool near the end where they always die as recommended.

Believe me or not, the following morning the friend gave me a call telling me that he found live frogs trapped in the froglog, and only about three were dead few meters away from the point where we had put the frolog.

This was an encouragement, and we definitely knew we had to get more froglogs: We needed about three as the swimming pool was sizeable.

Since putting three froglog, my friend has been free from dead frogs in his in-ground pool and in the skimmer.

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Add Light Source Near the Froglogs

However, since the frogs may find it difficult to get the froglog and climb it, he occasionally got one or two dead or struggling frogs inside the pool.

Consequently, we thought of how we could put any light source near the froglogs so that they can be visible to the frogs; and we used solar landscaping light under each as I had read how one reviewer of froglog was using it to make froglogs visible to the frogs in his pool.

Since putting these solar landscaping lights, he has never had any issue of dead frogs in his pool for quite a long time now and even left a review of froglog at Amazon.

So, if you are a victim of dead frogs, lizards, mice, voles, and any other critter; here is the best solution to help you get rid of dead critters inside your pool and in the pools skimmer basket.

I recommend: LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit


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    • Barack James profile image

      Barack James 13 months ago from Green City in the Sun

      greenmind thanks a lot for your comment.

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 13 months ago from USA

      Great article -- interesting even though I don't myself have a pool!