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How to Get Rid of Pepper Weevils on Your Peppers

Updated on February 20, 2012
A pepper weevil destroying a green pepper.
A pepper weevil destroying a green pepper.


 Pepper weevils feed off of pepper plants such as bell peppers and chile peppers.  They can cause damage of the blossom buds, causing the buds to drop at the adult and larval stages of the weevil. Deformed or punctured peppers or brown, moldy peppers, are a sign that your peppers have become infested with the pepper weevil.  Removing the weevils as soon as you spot them or their damage, is crucial in order to have healthy peppers at harvest time.  Below, are four things you can do to ward off pepper weevils.

 1. Remove any dead or damaged peppers and foliage away from the garden.  Discard in the garbage so the weevils won’t return.

2. Apply an insecticide in the early spring in the pre-bloom stage and again when buds are forming. This will be the ideal time because once the pepper grows and the weevils hide their eggs inside of the pepper, the insecticide will not be as effective.  Apply an insecticide every seven days, such as Sevin, before the peppers begin to grow. Follow the directions on the label for proper application. The adult pepper weevil is the only stage of its life that is susceptible to insecticides.

3. Plant companion plants, such as basil and marigolds, next to the peppers to ward off the pepper weevils and other pests away from your peppers.

4. After harvest, remove the entire pepper plant to reduce infestation in the next growing season.


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