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How to Get Rid of Red Ants

Updated on July 28, 2013

Red Ants

A Red Ant
A Red Ant | Source

The Invasion of Red Ants

A person whom shall remain nameless left a dirty dish in the sink before we left for a week long vacation. Needless to say we came home to an infestation of red ants in our sink and counter area. YUCK! Red ants are the worst because many of the regular ant traps are not meant for red ants they are for black ants. We haven't had a problem with the big black ants in this house and knocking on wood I hope we never do. I know how to get rid of the big black ants but those little red suckers seem to keep coming back for more and more. I needed to up the ante (haha get the pun) and get them out of my kitchen.

Ant Be Gone

Getting Rid of Ants

Lots of Vinegar Uses

Vinegar!! | Source

Vinegar - Getting Rid of Ants

I use vinegar to clean around my house so I always keep a spray bottle of vinegar handy. I spary down the infected area and wipe with paper towels. This will kill the ants and hopefully remove whatever they are attracted to. I had to do this repeatedly several times a day for a few day to finally get rid of all the ants, although each time there were fewer ants.

I attempt to clean all the area around where the ants are coming from to also remove their trail that they leave for other ant to follow. The vinegar is a smell that the ants to not like and it cleans. This is a safe product for kids, pets, and the kitchen.

Cinnamon - Getting Rid of Ants

Cinnamon detracts ants, this one actual surprised me but mainly because when I think of cinnamon I think of yummy ooey gooey goodness not just the plain spice. You do need to make sure that you have the plain spice, not a substitute or a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Sugar will attract the ants because it will override the cinnamon so don't leave a cinnabon sitting on the counter.

Sprinkle a small amount of cinnamon in front of where you think the ants are entering the space and hopefully this will keep them from entering the space.

Borax - Ant Killer

Mix a small amount of borax with jelly or sugar water and place in an area that they will come to.

When the ants ingest the borax it will kill them. This one I wouldn't use around where small children or pets can reach it.

Coffee Grounds Around Your Foundation

I have not actually tried this but I heard it works well especially if you have access to used coffee grounds.

Sprinkle the coffee grounds around the foundation of your house especially where the ants are suspected of entering. This will keep ants and other creatures away and out of your house.

Draw a Line with Chalk

Draw a line with chalk where the ants are entering if it is in a cabinet or somewhere that a line of chalk could be drawn. Ants do not like chalk and would not cross the line to get to food.

Preventing Ants

Of course the best course is to prevent them in the first place by keeping kitchens, bathrooms,a nd other rooms free for food sources for ants. Next time we leave on vacation I will be sure to double check the sink.


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