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Organize Your Home

Updated on February 19, 2017
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Rosie was an elementary school teacher for 13 years, teaching grades 3-5. She is now a Library Media Specialist in an elementary school.



Decluttering your home can be stressful if approached all at once. It can be completely overwhelming and cause you to give up before you ever really get started. This is why you need a plan of action before you begin. A plan of action will break the process into achievable tasks that and will payoff big in the end. Follow the tips below to gradually become completely free of clutter.

Pinterest Decluttering Ideas


Tips to Getting Started Decluttering Your Home

  • Choose a small project each day or every other day. Even if you can only do this once a week, remember, you are still getting it done.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes and get started. When the timer goes off, stop. During the 30 minutes, stay focused on the task. Do not let other things distract you. Once you get into the habit of doing this, it will become natural.
  • Get a paper or plastic bag every time you start a decluttering project. As you begin going through things, try to get rid of as many things as possible. Once a bag is filled, place it in your car for a quick trip to Goodwill.
  • When choosing things to get rid of, remember to think of the following: Do you use it? Do you need it? Are you going to miss it? Can someone else use it? If you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions, put it in the bag.
  • Organize the items left in the space in a way that makes sense. Everything should be clearly visible, easy to access, and easy to put away. Use organization systems to help you with each space. See the products below for some great ideas.
  • Maintain each space you declutter, by keeping it organized, and also by not adding anything new to the space. The only exception, is if you get rid of something, then it can be replaced with something new.
  • As you declutter your home, cleaning your home will become easier. Most of your time will be spent on cleaning, and not on putting things away.
  • Organize your things in ways that make sense. Items should be easy to see and find. For instance, when organizing clothing in your drawers, try folding items in a way that displays them all. Watch the video below for this awesome way to fold shirts.

Drawer storage for under garments.
Drawer storage for under garments. | Source

Staying Motivated to Declutter Your Home

Each time you declutter a space, it feels amazingly good. You can find things so easily because you can see what you actually have. Whether it is a kitchen cabinet, a linen closet, a bathroom drawer, or a jewelry box, the space becomes functional and it feels good when you are using your now organized space.

With each successful decluttering project, you will want to take on larger projects. These may take several days or even weeks, but it doesn't matter, because you are getting it done. The important thing to remember, is to not spend more than 30 minutes unless you really want to, because then it may become a dreaded chore, and your motivation will dwindle. It's like losing weight; it won't happen all at once, but gradually, with a little work each day or a few times a week. As you see the changes and feel the sense of accomplishment with each task completed, you will only become motivated to do more.

Organize your socks easily with a drawer organizer.
Organize your socks easily with a drawer organizer. | Source

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Items to Purchase that Will Help You Organize Your Things

Small compartment storage: These storage units are known for being used to organize small objects in the garage, however, they are excellent when used for crafts. I have a large craft cabinet on a shelf in a closet, where I keep all of my beading tools and supplies. The drawers can be labeled for easy identification. The organizer below it would be great for easy access to sewing, paint, or chidrens' craft supplies.

Underbed storage: These containers are the best for underbed storage. Not only are they on wheels, they have hinged lids so that they only need to be pulled out half-way, in order to access what is inside. I use these to store clothing that is out-of-season. These can also be used in childrens' rooms to store toys, games, or school supplies.

Jewelry Organizer: This hanging jewelry organizer is wonderful. It holds a large number of pieces, and it has clear pockets for easy visibility. It has pockets on both sides for double the amount of storage. It eliminates the need for a jewelry box that takes up space. You can keep it closest to the entrance of your closet, where you can access it easily. I have one of these and can't imagine not having it, as it allows me to find what I want quickly with no hassle.

Kitchen Organizer: This set of organizational tools is perfect for kitchen or bathroom cabinets. I have bought all of these items separately over the years, but love the idea of purchasing the set here. This would be a great gift for new home buyers. If you have limited cabinet space, utilize the inside of your cabinet doors for storage. A spice rack is just one idea.

Closet Organizers: If your closet is just one big empty space, then you may need a closet system like the one pictured here. You don't need to spend a lot of money with kits like these, because everything, including the hardware, is in the kit. You can easily add labeled bins to the shelves as well. If getting the kit is not feasible, you can easily add space to your closet with a closet doubler which is a rod that hangs from your original rod, thus doubling your hanging space. I have one of these in my closet, and I use it to hang jeans on, while dress pants are above it, keeping them separated and easy to locate.

Closet Storage: Utilize your door for storage. You could store shoes, purses, or a variety of things in door storage units. These pocket door hangers are incredibly versatile and inexpensive. I have one on the inside of my closet door for shoes. My children have them for all of their small items such as video games and toys. I have one on the back of a storage closet door in my classroom, where I keep tape, tacks, paperclips, post-it notes, stickers, and anything else that will fit. The clear pockets enable you to locate items quickly and put them away with ease.

Garage Organization System: There are many expensive and large organization systems for garages, but a great place to get started is with peg board. These boards will allow you to get all of your tools off of your workspace, and onto the wall. Not only can you find them easily, it looks great. I love this kit from Amazon, as it comes with all of the cool accessories that hold your tools. This system could also be used for crafts as well.

Attic Storage System: We are in the process of creating storage in our attic and were planning to build shelves, and then I stumbled across this AtticMaxx shelving system, and really love this idea. Easily doubling your space and not stacking containers one on top of the other, makes for easier access to your stored items.


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      great ideas here..We just have to remember to use the organizers..HAHA..Very well written and voting up+++ pinning also.