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How to Get Started with Your Landscaping

Updated on August 31, 2019

People find various inspirations when they plan to get their hands on landscaping. However, the actual start of work is a little confusing due to some distractions and worries about the task. To help you with your possible adventure, here are the top landscaping concerns that you have to face before you see a beautiful outdoor space of your own.

Put your ideas to a clear plan
Put your ideas to a clear plan | Source

Plan Ahead

Somehow, beginner landscapers or homeowners find themselves overly excited with the idea of designing their own backyard. If you are one of them, there is a great urge to automatically start working. But, you must remember to calm down. Breathe and let your excitement help you visualize how you wish to view your garden or yard.

First, it is best to map out your needs and wants. Not all designs are suited for your yard. Learn to study your space, the soil for the plants, and the architecture of your house. You may even go over and study the sun and wind patterns so that you are aware of possible scenarios. This may sound tiring, but each feature is going to help you move forward. So, don't forget to plan ahead.

This will help you get familiar with your site so that you could properly prepare the things that you would need. Then draw the structure and list down the materials that you would use.

Check your Budget

As you plan your design and structure, you should also remember to keep the budget in mind. Starting this kind of project requires a lot of your time, effort, and also money. Start making your budget by asking around different stores to compare prices or even by asking different landscapers in your area. Listen to some ideas on how much money you must allot for your design. It is always good to seek local help. There may even be a landscaper who could give you some good advice to save money altogether.

Also, with your planning and budgeting, you should foresee possible future maintenance cost as well. Low maintenance plants like Jules Verne Peony or Thornless Common Honeylocust are ideal choices for your first plants. Learn ways on how to properly take care of them and other elements that you would wish to put in your area. When you accomplish these first two steps, you could move forward to making your yard more beautiful.

Explore your creativity for the landscape design
Explore your creativity for the landscape design | Source

Work with Designs, Shapes, and Texture

As your plan gradually takes shape, you also have to think of the different elements and details that are necessary for your desired arrangement. Lines give off powerful effect to define a space. You can use bold lines and curves to give a more professional look. Avoid using curves that are wavy and even small zigzags. Do not forget about the texture as well. This means that you have to see how the foliage, size of plants, and even the

For instance, lines give off powerful effect to define a space. Opt to use bold lines and curves to give a more professional look. Avoid using curves that are wavy and even small zigzags. Then, do not forget about the texture as well. This means that you have to see how the foliage, size of plants, and even the twig size complement each other.

Experiment at first and see how the shades of each of the plant look from a distance. Play with the way the colors change in the entire design of lightness and darkness. With these in mind, your plan is going to be a unique display of your personality.

Get the Right Trees and Plants

In relation to the overall design of your landscape, getting the right tree is your next big task. It is not just for aesthetic purposes but for the safety and appropriateness to your outdoor space. Trees could get really big and would require additional branch pruning to grow properly. You have to consider the maintenance cost for your choice of trees and plants. Others might even need extra landscaping services. For easy maintenance, you can have Winter King Hawthorn, Rose Glow Japanese Barberry, or Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree.


Work on a Focal Point

There are times that people forget to look at their landscape from a different point of view. It is ideal to work on a specific focal point. It can be a particular tree or even a sculpture. Use this as the center where your design will be adjusted. For more experienced individuals, they can have different or even a series of focal points which keeps the eye on the space and design. These are the most common steps in landscaping.


Learn Proper Maintenance

  • Water in the Morning

People might have a misconception that watering plants as an easy task. It could be like that, but at times it is not as effective. There could be some problem when it comes to having too wet soil, which could drown the plants. It is advisable to water in the early mornings because with this the plants have ample time to absorb the water throughout the day. This is also helpful in keeping your outdoor yard cool because plants transpire which lets them evaporate moisture to the surrounding. Another reminder is to keep the water close to the ground. This will lessen the stress to the plant as the water flows more easily to its roots.

  • Prune regularly

This activity would help you keep your plants and trees on the proper size, make them more attractive, and benefit their growth. The process of pruning lets the old parts of trees and plants to rejuvenate and help them grow well. Pruning time differs per plant, but it is more advisable to limit your pruning in the late summer. If you have a lot of pruning this season, it might be difficult for plants to grow and be ready for the cold season. This can damage or ultimately kill your plant.

  • Invest in low-maintenance plants

There are a variety of available plants and trees to choose from. It is best to check the likes of small palms, papyrus, kangaroo paws, aeoniums, and cordylines. These plants do not need fertilizer, and will only require minimal watering. Plants like these are adaptable to different weather conditions as well, so keeping them in your yard will keep your space secured with greens and foliage.

With these three easy maintenance tips, you have opportunities to improve your landscaping skills. You can still find other available resources from experts and start having a great space for your family and guests.


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