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How to Get the Garbage Man to Take a Large Item

Updated on June 23, 2011

Getting rid of garbage that's too big for the can

It can be a huge pain in the ass to dispose of a large appliance or old junk that's too big to fit in the garbage can. Here are a few tips on how to get the garbage man to take the item away.

Let's say you have a large roll of carpet that you want the garbage man to take away, but it won't fit in the garbage can. An easy thing to try is to offer the garbage man $20. Garbage men have been known to take things for a relatively small amount of cash that saves you a trip to the dump.

Most garbage services offer the ability to call in and ask them to come get a large appliance once or twice a year as part of the service. If you haven't tried this, it's worth calling and asking.

If the item is made out of wood, try taking a sledgehammer to it and breaking it down into pieces that will fit in the garbage can or your compost bin. I recently took an oak desk down into pieces and the garbage man took it away no problem.

Sometimes after a large clean out or a move, you have so much garbage it won't fit in the bins. Try asking your neighbors if they mind if you put things in their cans. This has worked out well on many occasions.

If you can't get the garbage man to take it away try these tips. Call a service to come and get it to dispose of it. Put a free sign on it and place it on the curb. This works well for furniture. Put it on Craigslist as free. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

All I can say, is that thinking the garbage man won't take it is a big mistake. This last week with old patio furniture, carpets, tiles and an oak desk I smiled as the garbage man took it all away.


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    • ezhang profile image

      Edward Zhang 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA

      I like the idea of smashing up my desk with a sledgehammer before tossing it into the trash....

      Great hub!


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