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How to Grow Green Beans

Updated on July 19, 2011

How to grow green beans is a question that many new gardeners ask me because I normally have a huge harvest of green beans come fall. Now for some people that are experienced gardeners and know more than I do then you will probably not even need this article, but for those that are new to gardening or just learning how to grow green beans you will find some of this information useful.

The first step that you will want to do when you are going to be learning how to grow green beans is find the green bean seed variety that you are going to want to grow. Then after you have choosen the green bean seed variety that you are wanting to learn how to grow you will want to choose an area in your yard. For me that area is already marked off because of the garden set up. However, you will want to read your seed packet and that will normally tell you what type of sun. I know for me I usually have them in an area that gets full sun during the day, but morning hours are in the shade.

After you have choosen the area that you are going to be using to grow your green beans in you will want to ensure that the dirt is well worked over. The looser the dirt is I have found the better that your beans will grow and sprout up through the dirt. Which is really nice because then you are able to watch the bean plants grow. A tip that I have found that works out well for me in most cases is if you have a ton of birds that like to harvest your bean seeds for you from the dirt you will want to start the seeds early or at least give them a head start. The easiest way that I have found to do this by wetting down a paper towel and placing it inside of a plastic bag and letting it sit over night. By the next morning or couple of mornings the seeds will normally have some form roots starting out of them which you can then plant them into the ground with the seeds aready starting to break open. You just have to plant them with the roots pointing down.

Then like most other seeds you will want to provide them with some water after you have planted them. I know that it might seem a little odd to be doing this, but if your seeds do not have any water they will not grow. To help me conserve my water usage I always try to plant my seeds on a day when rain is predicted later on in the afternoon. That way I just let mother nature take care of the watering for me without me having to worry about an increase in my water bill.

During the summer months while your green beans are growing you will want to ensure that you weed around your green bean plants. However, you will want to use some caution when you get around the root system of the plants because you do not want to disturb them because that could lead to a lack of production in your green beans.

While many people have learned how to grow green beans more and more people seem to be turning to having a garden as the economic times get tighter on everyone. Now some of these people that are new to gardening or have not had a garden in years will find these tips on how to grow green beans really helpful, but for those of us that have a green bean year after year we will probably find these to reaffirm what we already know to do.

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