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How to Grow Leptospermums

Updated on August 7, 2013
Leptospermums are upright flowering shrubs.
Leptospermums are upright flowering shrubs. | Source

Leptosermums: Planting, Care, and Pruning

Leptospermums are very vibrant colored shrubs with beautiful flowers. They are perfect for spots that get full sun and are great for areas that are experiencing little rainfall as they are drought resistant.

Tips for Growing

The first thing to do is find a spot in the garden or yard for the leptospermums. They prefer full sun locations, so avoid placing them in shady spots or areas that have the sun shielded for most of the day. Also, find a spot that doesn't have a drainage problem as they don't like waterlogged areas of the yard. Leptospermums make a great specimen shrub as it grows upward and is very showy.

Measure the container that the Leptospermum is in. This is to gauge how big the hole in the ground needs to be. The hole should be about twice the size or so than size of the rootball of the plant. Now take the shovel and dig the hole in the desired spot of the lawn.

Remove the plant from the plastic container. Loosen the roots slightly, if compacted. Place the rootball of the Leptospermum shrub inside the hole. Carefully replace the dirt surrounding the rootball, watering it well and firming up the soil if needing so, to prevent air holes from forming large holes and empty pockets around the rootball.

Each year, prune to shape the Leptospermum, but only after it is in the dormant stage, and before the active growth periods. Leptospermums have long straight branches that shoot upward. As you are pruning them, avoid cutting many branches all the way to the bottom part with no growth as new growth will not sprout from braches with no leaves in the first place.


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  • serendipitypalace profile image

    serendipitypalace 6 years ago

    Interesting information on the leptospermums. They look nice on anyone's property.