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How to Grow Sunflowers From Seed Tips for Growing Sunflowers From Seed

Updated on September 26, 2012

Learning how to grow sunflowers from seed is a great thing to do. Now I know that learning how to grow sunflowers from seed is rather easy and is a great plant for children to start growing at a young age. I know that last year my daughter who is now four and my son who is three managed to learn how to grow sunflowers from seed and had a very nice sunflower garden all summer. You might be asking yourself why I would recommend starting your children off with learning how to grow sunflowers from seed, but that is because out of my experience with flowers sunflowers are one of the easiest flowers to grow. Now I know that some people are starting a garden this year for the first time in a really long time or it is the first time venturing into the wonderful world of gardening. Yes, because of the economy I know that on my road alone I have noticed about an additional ten homes with gardens and that is not including the homes that already had a garden.

Now my first tip for people who are trying to learn how to grow sunflowers from seed is you will want to protect your seeds from birds. Now if you feed your birds during the winter months I am sure when you go to plant your sunflower seeds directly into the ground you will probably notice that you are being watched closely by the birds. Now this is because one of the main items found in bird seed is sunflower seeds. So the birds are going to try to get to your sunflower seeds that you diligently plant. So I would recommend laying some type of mesh over the dirt, but nothing heavy and nothing that will block out the sunlight.

The second tip that I have for learning how to grow sunflowers from seed is if your able to try to start your sunflower seeds indoors. Now you might be saying I do not want that big dirt mess inside of my home or I do not have the grow lights or space to start seeds indoors that is fine. I have found one of the easiest ways to start growing my sunflowers from seed is by wetting down a papertowel and placing the seeds on them. Then I will take the sunflower seeds and fold the paper towel over and place it inside of a plastic bag and seal it. Then the moisture will be locked in with the seeds and you will typically start getting them to sprout roots within a couple of days. I only do this method when I am going to be planting within four days at the maximum number of days. However, if I start them inside the bag and plant them outside after they have started sprouting the root system the birds and other animals normally leave them alone. This method works great when you are first learning how to start growing sunflowers from seed and I have had great success growing my sunflowers from seed.

The third tip that I have is once you have planted your sunflower seeds into the ground you will want to water them. For me I typically try to plant them in the morning when I am working on growing my sunflowers from seed that way I can water them in the middle of the afternoon. Now you might not think about watering them, but for me I always do to ensure that the water will reach the seeds. Another great way to help you save money on the watering is to try to schedule your planting of your seeds around the weather. So if you know they are predicting some rain for one day you will want to plant your seeds earlier that day. However, if you are trying to grow sunflowers from seed you will want to make sure that the rain that is predicted is not going to be very heavy because that could lead to your seeds being washed out. Which has happened to me and I couldn't figure out why I had sunflowers growing in my green beans!

Learning how to grow sunflowers from seed is always a fun thing to do. I know that my kids absolutely love being able to watch their seeds grow and develop into some of the largest plants that they have seen. I know that my sunflower seeds almost always take off when I use the three tips above. The one method that I would recommend though for any new gardener who wants to see some great success without much in the way of failure would be the second method. I know that this is what helped my kids sunflowers grow into some great shade producers for our home. So start enjoying your sunflowers today now that you have learned how to grow sunflowers from seed.

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      Lindsey 5 years ago

      I have found that using the bag is must easier. Only I dont plant them after 4 days, I wait til they are 3in this way when I go to plant them they are easier t see and take care of. Ive been doing it this way for many yrs and had great success in getting them to grow to 12ft.