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How to Grow a Perfect Clump of Ornamental Grass from Seed

Updated on March 21, 2012
Growing ornamental Grass from Seed
Growing ornamental Grass from Seed | Source

Ever wonder how to get a perfect clump of grass from seed? You know, those pots at the nursery that are so full and lush? Well, the process is really simple. Keep on reading for the trick that will save you much frustration!

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Sowing Grass Seed in Dixie Cups
Sowing Grass Seed in Dixie Cups | Source

Things You'll Need

Grass seed

Round plastic cup (Dixie Cup type)

Organic potting mix

Poke a drainage hole in the bottom of the cups.

Fill your cups halfway with good soil and water it well. Sprinkle your seeds in either an even layer all over the top or save seed by doing a hollow circle around the cup.

Cover the seeds lightly with soil and water gently.

Place in a sunny area (windowsill is good).

When the grass has grown and the roots begin to fill the soil well, tap the bottom and sides and pop the clump out.

Plant your grass in a the appropriate area for its species. You may want to add a shade cloth to the new transplants until they begin to grow well (about a week or so).

That is it. You now have a perfect clump of ornamental grass!

This is the method I use and it works so dang well. You can get a really thick clump by planting thickly in the cups or save seeds by spacing the seeds evenly around the edge. The hollow center will fill in as the grass grows in the ground.

Keep your clumps tidy by trimming or by choosing a species that naturally clumps. My Mexican feather grass stays in a beautiful, airy clump without pruning. I planted more yesterday because i love it so dang much. My blue fescue worked great this way too.

The main reason to plant from seed is because grass seed is much, much cheaper than buying plants and grasses grow so quickly you can have a beautiful clump the first year.

Keep the grasses mulched around their bases to prevent weeds and an untidy appearance.


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