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How to Grow the White Out Rose

Updated on August 29, 2012

If you want flowers in your garden that are literally almost always in bloom, the White Out rose bush is the answer. They provide citrus-smelling, beautiful blossoms from spring through fall and they are disease-resistant so you don't have to worry about mildew, rust or Japanese beetles.

White Out Rose Description

The White Out rose bush offers pure white flowers that will grow generally 3 to 10 on each stem with around 5 petals. If you look past the hypnotizing beauty of the flowers, you will also see that the foliage is remarkable as well. The nearly charcoal-colored leaves provide a harmonic light and dark contrast whether planted in containers or as a border.

Bushy and compact are two words to describe the White Out rose. They will stand approximately three feet tall when it mature so they are the perfect compliment to any landscaping. They are self-cleaning, evoke freshness and long-lived, what more could you ask for?

Planting the White Out Rose

When you choose the perfect location for your White Out rose, it should be partially shady. They only require about four hours per day of direct sunlight. They also prefer a nice well-drained soil and plants should be given four feet between one another if you happen to be using them for a border, as mentioned before, they get bushy.

  • Dig the hole about three times the rootball's width so the roots have room to grow outward.

  • Remove your White Out rose out of its original container or packaging and set the rootball in the created hole.

  • Backfill the hole about halfway making sure to pack the soil nice and tight so there are absolutely no air pockets around the roots.

  • Fill up the hole with water and give this time to soak all the way through.

  • Use the remainder of the original garden soil and fill the hole the rest of the way up.

  • Add about three inches of mulch. This will retain moisture and reduce weed growth.

  • Your White Out rose should be watered two or three times weekly unless you receive an abundance of rain.

General Care for the White Out Rose

You do not need to prune your White Out rose bush but if you take the time to lightly shear them, they will bloom substantially heavier. You can perform reductions in spring, fall as well as winter but the springtime is always the recommended time to remove nonproductive canes and do rejuvenation pruning.

The White Out rose absolutely adores nitrogen so offer it fertilizer throughout the growing season. They are typically very hardy but you should still inspect for aphids and thrips from time to time. If you find any, spray them with a mixture of neem oil and water and that should get rid of them without hurting your stunning flowers.


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