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How to Hang Drapes (Curtains) onto a Traverse Rod

Updated on August 7, 2013
  1. Before starting, the buckram on the top of the drapes should be "broken" which means creasing it. This "teaches" the draperies to fold into the correct direction, when they are in the open position.
  2. "Break the buckram." For a TRADITIONAL ROD - line up fabric, pleat to pleat and push the fabric between the pleats towards the front. Crease the middle to stay in the forward position.
  3. "Break the buckram." For a DECORATIVE ROD - line up fabric, pleat to pleat, push the fabric between the pleats towards the back of the pleat. Crease the middle to go into the backward position (back towards the wall).
  4. After the traverse rod is installed, first measure the pin-on hooks -- from the sharp point to the middle of the hook (where the hook will sit in the slide/glide).
  5. On the back of the drape, measure down from the top of the drape by the amount in #1 and add ¼".Insert one pin at this measurement into the back of each pleat. When inserting the point into the pleat, place the point into the seam at a slight angle so that it does not poke through to the front and pull up. Any pins that have poked through to the front should be reinserted.
  6. Place a hook on each side of the returns.Measure in from the end by ½ ", insert point of hook, using the same measurement that was used for the pleats. Go through the back fabric and the buckram, but not the front fabric (the pin-on hooks should not be visible from the front).
  7. If the drapes are heavy, it is a good idea to have help for this step to hold up the weight. Insert the hooks into the traverse rod slides (some slides might need to be removed - to do this, check the instructions that came with the traverse rod). The first hook on the left panel needs to go into the hole on the bracket that is closest to the wall. The last hook on the left panel needs to go into the left carrier.
  8. Following the same directions and measurements from above, place hooks into the back of your pleats on the right panel. The first hook on the right panel needs to go into the hole on the bracket that is closest to the wall. The last hook on the right panel needs to go into the right carrier.


CAUTION!!! Children can STRANGLE in cords!!! Children can wrap cords around their necks and STRANGLE. Always keep cords out of children's reach. Keep furniture that children can climb on away from window treatments and cords.


Slides are also called glides.

Each panel should need 7 pins - 5 for the pleats and 1 for each end.

A disappearing ink pen comes in handy for marking where to insert the pin-on hooks.


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    • LydiaBlogg profile image

      LydiaBlogg 2 years ago from New England

      Hi cjw, Sorry for the delay in answering. There's a hole for a pin on the outside of the rod near the wall. It is usually in from the wall about 1/4" or 1/2". Measure that distance from the wall. Measure the drape and place a hook that same distance in from the end of the drape. (The last pleat will be in the front on the corner before the drape returns.)

    • profile image

      cjw 2 years ago


      What is the correct way to attach the return on pinch pleat drapes?