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How to Increase the Security of Your Home

Updated on March 3, 2013

Home Burglary is on the Rise

As I have stated in many other publications that I have posted - I am not a paranoid person nor am a the type of guy who is worrying about everything. What I am, however, is a rational person who likes to analyze facts and prepare for the worst case scenario. In a Hub I did some time ago I showcases some interesting home burglary statistics which contains a lot of useful information about how home burglaries happen and what burglars are looking for. If you have some time, I strongly recommend you read through that Hub.

This Hub, on the other hand, continue the story as we will be looking at how one can combat the rise of crime. The goal of the following sections is to help you improve your home security and guide you step by step. Without further to do, allow me to begin!

Analyze Your Current Home Security

  1. To start things off try to analyse your current home security and give it a rating. Do you have any alarms or cameras? How strong are your doors and locks holding? Do you always close the windows and lock the doors before leaving the house or going to sleep?
  2. After you have completed your own rating, you have probably ended up with a list of things you don't really like about your home's security measures. This is a great way to start improving!
  3. It is hard to do any major changes without investing some money so try to analyze your own budget. Are you ready to make any major improvements right away, or will you try to fix things little by little? Both are valid options.
  4. Talk to your family members, friends and neighbors to see what they think and how they are handling their own problems.

There are many different commercial ways to improve your home security. We will go over most of them in this guide so stick with us a little longer!
There are many different commercial ways to improve your home security. We will go over most of them in this guide so stick with us a little longer!

Know the Enemy!

Place of Entry
Front door
Back door
Windows (on the first floor)
Garage door
These represent the most usual points of entry that burglars use. Among the "Other" places of entry are the homeowners garage door, the basement door as well as second floor windows.

Where to Hide Valuables?

There a lot of common places where people hold their valuables and burglars know exactly where these are and usually check there first. The bedroom is a classic place to find a lot of cash, jewelry and similar items of great value. However, burglars will also know to search the closet, the freezer and many other locations where you might have hidden something valuable, so you should really be creative when coming up with a hiding spot.

Of course, there is no reason to always hide your things and move them from one place to another since you can just install a home safe near your study or bedroom. In my opinion, a static wall safe is the best option to implement. It is connected with the walls and it isn't something that a burglar can snatch and there is no time for them to try and open it. You can hide it behind a painting or inside a closet so that it is hard to spot due to a lot of shelves and clothing.

Depending on the technology, these can cost anywhere from $400 to several thousands of dollars. These are also a very secure spot in which you can store your firearm, if you do have one.

Easy Solutions

Make sure no trees, tall grass, bushes and similar are in your yard. Burglars use these to hide.
Check if there are any broken or weak locks and have a locksmith repair or change them.
Include a porch light to illuminate your yard during the night.
Get a dummy security camera for less than $70 in order to improve your home security.
Add a simple alarm system to your home's defenses.
Leave the TV or radio on during the evening.
Include a "This property is under surveillance" sticker on your gate.
Equip your windows with wind rollers/shutters
Make sure to always lock the door and windows when away or asleep.

Alarm Systems and Cameras

Alarm systems are a great security measure to improve your home's security. However, if you are on a tight budget your probably won't be able to afford a professional company that will monitor things for you. How does this even work? Well, a company that you hire will install an alarm system across your home and your family will be able to set a special security code.

If the alarm is activated by accident, just enter the code into the control unit to turn it off. If the code is not added in quite some time after the alarm was sounded, the alarm company's workers will call you to alert you about the disturbance. If neither you nor your family have triggered it by accident and all of you are away from home, then the company will notify the police that a burglary is in progress upon your approval.

Many of these security agencies and companies also offer to install cameras in your home. You can use these to go through recorded footage. Of course, the operative can, upon your approval, look at the live footage to confirm if there is a robbery or not.

This is really a great service to have, but as you might have guessed it, it is not very cheap and it costs a lot to pay the bill each month. Still, if you can afford this option, then there is no better way to improve your home's security.

Alternatives to Alarm Systems

Home security shouldn't be a privilege just for those who are more wealthy! There are a lot of cheaper alternatives available as well. These come in the form of alarm systems that you install yourself, however, there is no agency that will notify you that an alarm was triggered. You can set these alarms to be very loud and this will scare off a lot of burglars or at least make their stay a lot shorter since they will be afraid to stick around too long.

Some of these systems can be connected to your phone landline and they will automatically dial a pre-set number each time the alarm is on for more than a pre-set number of seconds. Quite handy, isn't it?

Hidden Cameras - a Viable Option?

Hidden cameras are certainly not one of the major things to consider when talking about improving one's home security. It is much more beneficial to secure your yard, doors and install an alarm system than it is to invest several hundreds of dollars into hidden cameras.

However, hidden cameras have a very important role if you plan to secure your home from people you trust. If you have house staff such a nanny, a maid, a part-time babysitter or anyone else you leave alone in your home, then a hidden camera is a very powerful thing indeed. I personally recommend the Sony Alarm Clock, a nanny hidden cameras which is very effective, covert and easy to use.

Further ideas

If you wish to stay updated with the latest ideas and trends as well as the top-notch technology tricks, then I suggest that you follow me here on Hub Pages and look for my future posts! :)


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    • davidlivermore profile image

      David Livermore 4 years ago from Bakersfield, California, United States

      Right now I use sensors on my doors and windows. If they are broken or jostled a lot, then a high pitch sound goes off. It's warded off one intruder so far.

      I do plan to get a real alarm system though.

      Good hub, voted up.