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How to Install a Cheap Outdoor Shower

Updated on December 10, 2012
my outdoor  shower unit
my outdoor shower unit

If you get a warm summer, no matter where you are, it is wonderful being able to cool off while outdoors with an outdoor shower. When the sweat is running down your face and blinding you, a refreshing shower is just the thing to cool you down!

If this is you, consider learning how to install a cheap outdoor shower.

I recommend just buying a cheap shower for outdoors; after all, it is exposed to the elements and works just as well as a more expensive model.

I think mine cost around $20 and words perfectly well.

What you will need to buy or have at hand to install your outdoor shower:

  • An outdoor shower kit.
  • A length of hosepipe.
  • Cable ties, plastic ones work but metal ones are better.
  • A convenient pole to place secure the shower to.
  • A water faucet.
  • A water faucet ‘Y’ connector.
  • 2 x hosepipe connectors.

All you need at Amazon to instal an outdoor shower

How to Install an Outdoor Shower

  • First of all, put your shower kit together following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Then you should connect your shower to your pole.

I connected mine to the upright post of the chain metal fence that separates my garden from next door’s.

Just connect it with metal ties.

I did use plastic ties at first and that worked perfectly well, but I changed them to metal because it held the shower in place better.

If you don't have a pole, use a wall instead and place small wooden blocks at intervals that you can then screw your shower unit directly to with the help of some wall fixings.

  • Then use a hose connector to connect your hose to the shower unit.
  • Feed the hose back to the water faucet.
  • If you already have a hose permanently connected, to water garden plants or top up a swimming pool for example, and don’t want to go to the effort of disconnecting and reconnecting, simply fit a double faucet ‘Y’ connector, and fit your shower hose to the second outlet. The ‘Y’ connector should have an on/off switch, so that you can use one or the other, or both.

And that is it. Easy peasy!

my outdoor shower (photographed during a thunderstorm)
my outdoor shower (photographed during a thunderstorm)

Most shower kits come with some kind of on/off switch on the unit themselves, which is convenient if your water faucet is some distance away.

However, in hard water areas, build up of scale can prevent this from working properly, and so it is easier to use the method I recommend, which is having the shower setting permanently on the 'on' position and operating it directly from the water faucet.

Outdoor shower uses

Your outdoor shower has many uses and not just for showering to cool down.

Use before bathing

It doubles up as a body refreshener if you have a swimming pool. In fact you should use the shower first before entering a swimming pool to help keep your swimming pool water fresh for longer. Sweat, sun-tan lotions etc all help to contaminate a pool, meaning having to use even more chemicals to keep it clean.

Water the plants

You can line up your garden plants that are in pots along where the water flows so that they get a drink every time to use your shower. They will appreciate that in hot weather, and you are making full use of precious water in areas where water is scarce.

Keep wasps away from the swimming pool

As my shower is situated right next to the swimming pool, I can use the shower to attract wasps away from the pool water. Much as I dislike wasps, they are pollinators and aphid eaters and so are useful in gardens. In hot weather, they think the swimming pool is just there for them to have a drink. A puddle of water off to the side that doesn't contain pool chemicals is more attractive to them.

Attach the shower unit using secure metal ties

Use a hose connector to connect the hose to the shower unit

I've run the hose along under the hedge, which helps protect it from the sun

Water faucet with 'Y' connector attached

The hose runs over the protected electrical box for the pool pump

The hose runs from the electric box to the hedge

Distance between the outdoor shower unit and the water faucet (it's in the corner next to the pool housing)


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