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How to Instantly Get Rid of Damp Mold Spots on Your Wall

Updated on December 2, 2012

How Does Mold Form?

Mold is a type of fungi that produces little particles called mold spores. These small spores tend to float around in the air and practically land on every surface of an apartment or home.

Mold/Mildew grows in houses due to several factors. The three main factors are moisture, warmth, and food. With all these factors combined, there are several areas in the house that can create the perfect condition for mold/mildew growth. The climate of the area and your living habits can also influence the growth of mold and mildew in your house or apartment.

Houses are especially susceptible to mold growth during monsoon season. If your house has been affected by flooding or leaking, it is important to take care of the affected area as soon as possible. The optimal temperature for mold growth can be anywhere between 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 to 37 degrees Celsius (depends on the type of mold).

Common Mold Locations

There are several locations in homes where mold tends to grow most frequently. Again, these locations have a mix of favorable factors including moisture, warmth, and food.

Living Room: Carpets, Wooden Products, Walls

Bathroom: Bathroom Tiles, Floor Area near drains, Shower Curtains

Bedroom: Walls, Underneath bed, Area behind cabinets, bookcases, and wardrobes, Computer Corner Desk, Wallpaper, cardboard

Attic & Basement: Practically anywhere

Kitchen: Underneath sink, Wet Kitchen Tools, Fridge

Mold Removal Steps

There is no permanent solution to getting rid of mold completely. It will always be an ongoing battle. However, you can try the following solutions to get rid of mold for a substantial period of time. If possible, avoid using as much chemical as possible as they can possibly leave unwanted marks on your walls and furniture pieces.

#1 Remove Permanently Damaged Items
There maybe some items that have already been permanently damaged by mold. Such items include fabric materials such as large carpets. In such a scenario, it is best to get rid of these items and replace them with new ones. An alternative would be to call mold removing professionals. When using any form of chemical spray to get rid of mold, make sure all your windows are open. If available, turn on your exhaust fans, especially if it involves the bathroom or kitchen.

#2 Water and Dish Detergent
The most inexpensive solution is to use water and dish detergent. This solution can be applied on anything other than paper materials such as the wallpaper. Using an old towel, soak it in the detergent solution and gently scrub the area affected by mold or mildew. Soon enough, the mold mark should disappear.

#3 Industrial solution
If the detergent solution does not work, buy an industrial solution that is made for mold or mildew removal. There are plenty of brands that produce mold removal sprays such as Mold Armor and Tilex.

#4 Call the Pros
If the mold is growing on any expensive items, or if any of the above solutions failed, you should call a professional to help you. Those occasional mold spots may just be the tip of an iceberg. Therefore, it is better to ask a pro to handle the overall problem, so those molds do not become a recurring problem.

Mold Prevention Tips

The best solution to getting rid of mold is to simply avoid them in the first place. There are several tips you can follow in order to prevent mold from growing in your homes.

1. If you live in a place with a humid climate, use a dehumidifier to get rid of the moist air. Place it in areas that are susceptible to mold growth such as your kitchen.
2. Keep your home at a moderate temperature (69-73 degree Fahrenheit).
3. When you take a shower, open the windows so the moist air does not stay in.
4. Treat open leakages as soon as possible.
5. Change your air conditioner filters frequently.
6. An optional choice. Invest in a strong air purification machine to get rid of mold spores and dust.


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