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How to Keep Cool in a Hot House without Air Conditioning

Updated on November 15, 2013

Do you live in a location where the summers get hot, often in excess of 90 degrees? If so, you likely have air conditioning. For those without A/C, keeping cool becomes something of a science. If you need to keep cool without A/C for whatever reason (A/C unit breaks, loss of power, etc.), this article is just what you need to beat the heat.



The first things to consider are the windows. Should they be opened or closed? Well, the trick is to identify which of the windows have sun coming through. Those that do should be closed, and the window shades should be lowered. It is best to have window shades that completely block out the light. These are very good at preventing excess heat from entering. Windows in the shade should be opened to increase air flow. It will be necessary to go around the house every couple of hours to reassess which windows to open and close. It is a good idea to have at least one window open on opposite sides of a house to create a cross breeze.



Fans are a must when it comes to keeping cool. All ceiling fans should be turned on because they are very useful at keeping the air flowing and creating a breeze. Window fans should be set up in open windows. During the hot part of the day, these should be kept on exhaust, meaning the hot air is blown out of the house. When it becomes cooler outside, they should be switched to intake so the cooler air can be sucked inside.


House Levels

If your house has different levels, it is best to stay as much as possible on the lowest level. This is because hot air rises, making the lowest level the coolest in the house. Basements are typically the best places to be, especially those that are unfinished with a cement floor and walls. These stay very cool despite the heat elsewhere in the house. They may not be pleasant, but at least they help to escape from the heat.


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