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How to Kill Flies & Mosquitoes In Your House

Updated on September 24, 2009

This article is not meant for those of you experiencing some sort of winged-insect infestation, but is geared toward those of you going absolutely mad due to one or two elusive flies or mosquitoes. I'm rather a light sleeper, so when a mosquito comes buzzing round my head in the middle of the night, I wake up immediately. I turn the light on, I spot the bugger on the wall, I grab a magazine, I swing, I miss, I spend the rest of the night unable to sleep cos I keep wondering if he's going to come back around for more blood. Something similar happens when I hear a fly: I can't sleep until I find it because I want to be sure it's not a bee. And then these little lovelies see fit to spend the rest of their lifespan annoying me round the house as they appear long enough to be spotted but prove themselves to be extremely difficult to catch or kill. Until now, that is.

Step One: Locate the bugger and isolate him. Remove pets and children from the room.

If he's in your bathroom, close the door. If he's in the bedroom, close the door. You don't want to give him a slew of rooms to play hide and seek in.

Step Two: Get a spray bottle.

If you're a tree hugger or a member of PETA you may want to use water for this. If you're out for blood, grab a common household cleaner like Mr. Clean or summat. NO AEROSOLS as you'll end up coughing that crap up and most of the time they won't get the job done. You need a liquid spray of some sort.

Step Three: Approach the fly or mosquito slowly.

They've got eyes, you know. Don't rush up on them or start swinging as that will only make them fly to another spot. You want to be close enough that you can spray without missing them but not so close that they can guess what you're up to.

Step Four: Spray that sucker.

Do be sure you followed step one and put your pets or kids in another room, as you don't want them breathing in the spray as it settles. Hopefully you don't need me to tell you this, but you ought to avoid breathing it in, either! One goo squirt is all you need but I always squirt twice in case I miss.

Step Five: Collect him.

If you sprayed him with water, he's just stunned (and wet, obviously) and you can put him on your windowsill, let him dry out and he will hopefully know better then to come back inside. If you sprayed him with Mr. Clean or something similar, it's time to flush him down the toilet.

Extra Tips:

  • Do make sure your pets aren't nearby when you spray as you don't want them sucking the mist or chemicals in.
  • Do make sure you don't suck them in, either.
  • Do make sure the spray you use isn't going to ruin your ceiling, paint or wallpaper.
  • Do make sure you collect the insect quickly as you don't want pets or small kids picking them up and possibly eating them (and the chemicals)


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