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How to Look for the Best Decking Timber?

Updated on May 15, 2012

If you are looking for a list of decking timber prices, it is better if you read a decking timber guide first. This will give you the necessary tips and advices on selecting the right decking timber to use in building decks and patios at your home. If you usually see people relying on the suggestions of decking timber merchants, it is crucial that you, as a buyer must also have the knowledge on this matter in order for you to have a thorough screening on choosing the best one. In addition, it will benefits you more in a way that you can dissolve their suggestions to your own choices and come up with the better decking timber. With this, it can also help you also in looking for the best deal that can provide you the reliability and durability, out from the presented decking timber prices. So, going on, as to start, there are two types of timber that you can consider. This is the hardwood and softwood type. To determine their type, it was usually depends on the seed the tree produces but there is no case on its hardness as a timber. Regarding on the decking timber prices, it was seen to be more expensive when you are looking for hardwood timbers because this is the species where the best timbers come from. Some examples of this type are the cedar, ipe and teak. But if you are a fellow who is looking for a timber that can provide an appeal to public places, softwood is the most recommended since it will be easy for carpenters to make some beauty out of it. Additionally, softwood timbers are also cheaper but the downside is that, they cannot provide the strength and durability like the one a hardwood timber can offer.

If you are living in a location where it was considered prone to fires, choosing a hardwood type is your only choice. One of the best examples of hardwood timber that is very accessible to these areas is the spotted gum. This tree owned a natural fire resistance and it was widely known to be more favored as the most recommended material when building houses. Furthermore, if you want the best timber for building decks and patios, there are a lot of hardwood timbers that can suit your needs. One of them best is the Cypress Pine, this one is an Australian wood that can provide enough durability. Other than that, it has also this very fine texture making it a perfect material in building decks. Another ideal choice is a hardwood type timber named Jarrah from the forest of Western Australia. It was said that its timber is heavy and has the hardness to become a recommended material for decks.

You should also take not that before making a purchase on any of the decking timbers, you should check if the timber came from legal sources. This is a precaution to keep you away dealing on illegal logging issues later on. If you are from Australia, you should be looking for a sign of the Australian Forestry Standard or AFS that the timber is authorized. After you checked and were assured, the next move now will looking on the decking timber prices, and don’t forget to apply the already mentioned tips and advices, so that you can easily find the deal that will fit to your required needs and to your budget.


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