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How to Make Eating at Home Fun and Healthy

Updated on April 7, 2016

Do you eat at fast food restaurants more than you eat at home? While that sounds fun and wonderful, dining out comes at a price with a side serving of risks that can work against you on both the wellness and financial front—you get greater number of calories, you pay higher price tags!

Now imagine having the same budget and getting to choose your own low-calorie ingredients. Imagine preparing your own meals and having better portion control. Imagine introducing your family to healthy home cooking. Sounds neat, right? Eating at home may come off as this boring everyday activity but it doesn’t have to be. Make some changes to the way you do things in the kitchen, and you’re in for a real treat!

So how can you make eating at home great and exciting? Here are some tips:

1. Enlist the help of your kids.

Children love helping out in the kitchen whether it’s to cook or wash the dishes. You should also take this opportunity to teach your kids about healthy eating and also how to be safe in the kitchen, especially around eating utensils and knives.

You can start with cooking some quick and easy dishes that your kids can make themselves. Just be sure that if they need to do some cutting or chopping that you supervise them properly. Never leave them by themselves just to be on the safe side.

2. Try other cuisines.

Is there a foreign dish you’ve been wanting to learn how to cook? Take the time to do it and it can be a great learning experience for you to know how to cook another cuisine. Not only will it expand your culinary knowledge, but it will also improve your cooking skills. Start by buying a cookbook or you don’t even have to spend a dime at all since there are free recipes you can find online and free cooking apps for your smartphone or tablet.

3. Pretend you’re in a TV cooking contest.

Invite your friends and family and challenge them to a cook-off. Come up with a theme: Mexican, Italian, fusion, etc. And assign a panel of judges who will decide who came up with the best dish. To make it memorable, set up a camera and record everything. You’ll be spending hours of fun watching your video footage later.

4. Start a garden at home.

Nothing can be healthier than ingredients coming straight from your garden. You can try planting some vegetables or herbs like mint, basil or rosemary. You don’t need a big yard, unless you want to plant veggies like cabbage or eggplant, as there are varieties that can grow in a pot. This is especially helpful if you live in a tight space like an apartment.

5. Renovate or decorate your kitchen and dining room.

If it’s been a while since your kitchen or dining area received some tender, loving care then perhaps it’s about time that you change the decors or do a renovation. Renovation can be expensive so it’s only applicable if you really have the budget for it. But most of the time, re-painting the table, buying some new dining wares, putting up new curtains can bring the much needed change you’ve been looking for at home.

6. Play games at the dinner table.

Just don’t play with your food. You can set up a board game before dinner starts and play with your kids or friends. You can also take turns telling each other stories. This works great especially if you have small kids around.

7. Be a chef and experiment.

If you love cooking then you’d love experimenting in the kitchen. Aside from cooking dishes you’ve never tried before, consider combining ingredients or dishes that you’ve never tasted or even seen others do. It can be both fun and rewarding because you get to learn in the process while you explore your skills at a home chef.

Now make eating at home great for the family!

Who says eating at home should be boring? As proven above, there are many things you can do to make dining in exciting and rewarding. Just don’t be afraid to try out new things in the kitchen and you just might find yourself wanting to cook more than spending unnecessary money on fast food.


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