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How to Make a Gothic Graveyard Garden Indoors

Updated on January 21, 2017
That Grrl profile image

Laura likes retro, vintage, old things. Choosing to preserve or repurpose is her dilemma - can't change your mind once started.


A creepy, spooky, haunted garden may be part of your dream home or landscape but if you live in a small space you have to go with a smaller garden plot. You might even choose to have an indoor garden so you can enjoy it all year round, no matter what the season is.

A Gothic garden can be a lot of fun and a creative (even green friendly) outlet. Start looking for ideas and decorations right away and use these to plan the type of garden you will make.

A Gothic garden can be a mix of ghosts, tombs, gravestones, wrought iron fences, vampires, zombies and haunted houses growing with creepy plants in a terrarium, window box or something more creative.

The mourning garden.
The mourning garden. | Source

Choosing the Container

Will you work with a window box, a standard sort of plant pot, or build a glass terrarium or some other option for your indoor garden?

A container can be concrete or stone or you can get clay pots and decorate them. You will need to have drainage in whatever container you use. Also, something under it to catch the water which drains.

A terrarium does not need drainage, it's enclosed and ideally, it won't need very much watering.

As you pick a container consider other fixtures which can go with it like a plant stand which could be a pillar or column or something wrought iron with a creepy, twisted look. You may choose to have a garden which is small enough to fit in one pot and hang from a chain or a fancy, Gothic plant hanger.

If your garden sits on a table pick out just the right tablecloth or dark lace doily and other pieces which could go along with the theme. Even your watering pot can be set there as part of the creepiness.

Your garden will need natural sunlight at least part of the day so pay attention to which windows get the best light. Not all plants want direct sunlight, some are part shade or shade friendly. If you don't have a great sunny window make sure you keep this in mind as you choose plants for your garden.

Spooky Fairy Garden

Spooky fairy garden.
Spooky fairy garden. | Source

Plants to Use for the Gothic Theme

  • opium poppies
  • mimosa
  • ivy
  • mandrake
  • belladonna
  • absinthe
  • monkshood
  • moonflower
  • garlic bulbs
  • evening primrose
  • nicotiana
  • carnations
  • lilies
  • black hollyhock
  • penny black nemohilias
  • Venus flytrap
  • pitcher plants
  • voodoo lily

Choosing the Plants

Seeds or plants for a Gothic garden are those with black flowers or foliage, night bloomers, sensitive to touch or change in the environment and herbs known for their dark, medicinal (poisonous) use in the past.

Some types of plants may not be available due to government regulations. If you do use poisonous plants make sure anyone living with (or visiting) you knows to leave them alone. Keep children and pets safe by making your indoor garden inaccessible to them.

You can plant seeds for some, others will work out better if they are small plants when you start them. However you start your plants, they will need extra care in the beginning. A good soil for indoor plants and extra water while they get roots established.

Don't forget common plants which make a good contrast to the sinister, haunted look like simple daisies, pansies and others known as sweet and romantic flowers.

There are deeply red and even nearly black roses too. Find them in miniatures by contacting nurseries and commercial growers.

Look for very low growing ground cover, like moss, which can spread and grow to appear like grass - especially nice if you are creating a village, cemetery or haunted house where you would usually find grass growing.

Remember or learn about the plants you choose for how they grow. Some will be too tall, some will spread too easily and need to be "weeded", some will grow as hanging plants and need to overlap the container they grow in.

Of course, even indoor plants are still seasonal. Plan your garden around the seasons and don't be surprised to find things become sparse during the off season when some plants are completely dormant and others are just waiting for Spring to give them new energy.

Graveyard garden in pumpkins.
Graveyard garden in pumpkins. | Source

Add Garden Decorations

This is your time to add the flourishes like garden gnomes, gargoyles and haunted houses to your indoor garden. Look for miniatures if you want to build something with huge plants taking over. Or, look for toys to have something on a larger scale. Whatever you start with, nothing is set in stone. Change things, move them around and decorate with seasonal versions of the Gothic theme.

Add small rocks if you don't have anything else at first.

Watch for creative elements to add, like teacups and saucers, chess/ game pieces, miniatures from model train sets or doll houses, beads, gemstones, Pagan gadgets and accessories, Barbie parts, vintage glass jars, bride and groom wedding cake toppers, alchemist and medical gadgets.

See if you can find a vintage store, auction house, or a niche store like a curiosity shop which caters to people with unique interests.

Add tiny lights to your garden with battery operated tea lights. Real tea light candles can be used if you are at home and able to keep an eye on them.

Don't forget the dollar stores and thrift shops for cheapie ideas like plastic mice and spiders. Watch for birds like crows, ravens and owls too.

Place the garden inside another object like an iron bird cage, a large seashell or a temporary container like a jack-o-lantern for more dramatic affect.


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      7 years ago

      That's so interesting, what great ideals. Gosh I love the little graveyard in a pumpkin, and the fairy garden thing. Great hub, thank you for the wonderful ideas.

    • That Grrl profile imageAUTHOR

      Laura Brown 

      7 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      I like finding a new way to look at something we take for granted. Fresh inspiration and creativity are necessary things. I especially like creating a tiny world of my own. :)

    • epigramman profile image


      7 years ago

      Yes Laura, I am so there. lol And you are most definitely not only 'That girl' but THE GIRL, so says your fellow Canadian from lake erie ontario canada.

      You seem to have a fine taste for the macabre and dark side - so do I , it must be all of that Tim Hortons' coffee we drink , lol lol , or these horrid ever lasting Canadian winters. lol.

      When I was in Mexico I brought home a souvenir from their Day of the Dead celebrations and it was a group of skeletal musicians in a Mariachi band. So yes great minds think alike .

      Sending you a 6 pack of Molson Canadian, eh and warm wishes from lake erie time ontario canada 1:49am from Colin and Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel

    • torrilynn profile image


      7 years ago

      That Grrl,

      thanks for this hub and the ability

      to take a twist on the normal garden that you

      would make outdoors and to make one for indoors

      that consist of vampiresand zombies. voted up.


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