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How to Make a Miniature Fairy Garden

Updated on May 21, 2012
Beginnings of a miniature, container fairy garden.
Beginnings of a miniature, container fairy garden. | Source

Ever wondered how to make a miniature fairy garden? Creating a beautiful miniature fairy garden is easy. All you'll require are a few simple supplies!

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Handcrafted Fairy Garden Flowerpot
Handcrafted Fairy Garden Flowerpot | Source
Handcrafted Fairy Garden Flowerpot
Handcrafted Fairy Garden Flowerpot | Source
Miniature Fairy Garden Tutorial
Miniature Fairy Garden Tutorial | Source
Miniature Fairy Garden Patio
Miniature Fairy Garden Patio | Source
Miniature Fairy Garden Plants
Miniature Fairy Garden Plants | Source

Make a beautiful miniature fairy garden.

Things You'll Need:


Potting soil


Organic fertilizer

Miniature plants (miniature sedum works great)

Miniature decorations

Let's Get Started!

Lay all your supplies out on a table.

Premoisten your potting soil with water, to prevent air pockets.

Fill the pot with the soil. Pack it down well.

You will want to add hills and valleys to the garden. Just flat plantings will not look as nice as a garden with depth. It is easy to do.

Use small stones to raise an area in the garden and then fill them with packed soil. You can even use silicone to glue the rocks together. I usually use a wet clay soil to glue them.

Create flowerbeds by blocking areas off with pebbles and twigs. Your goal is to make it look like a big garden, in miniature scale. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting rocks and sticks on your daily travels. You can even find neat things in parking lots and burn piles!

Lay out trails by using colored sand or tiny flat stones as stepping stones. Or make your own with hypertufa and concrete! I am going to upload a how-to tutorial on making your own hypertufa fairy garden things soon. Keep the sand in place by mixing it with Elmer's glue and then patting a layer down over the soil. Just cover the areas you want the pathways, not the entire ground.

Water your garden by placing it in a tub of water so it can soak up water without washing away your décor. Once a month, flush the garden by watering it from the top with a gentle spray from a shower head waterer.

Use an all purpose fertilizer at about 1/4 to 1/2 strength and water every few weeks. You may also mix slow release fertilizer into the soil. I like to use organic worm castings and other organic materials.

Stretch your plants by taking cuttings from the sedum and other succulent-type plants. They root easily and you can make this garden for less when you break up one plant into many.

Group small bushy plants like miniature thyme around the base of rocks and trees. This will create an understory and make your miniature fairy garden spectacular.

Trim your plants when they become overgrown. Simple snip off the tips to promote bushing and a shorter habit.

If you want to get crazy with it, add a working waterfall using a table top water fountain pump. I will add a step-by-step article about how to make your own out of hypertufa in the coming days. I'll make sure to add plenty of pictures!

Enjoy your fairy garden and don't hesitate to ask me for advice!

Use Polymer Clay to create the most unique fairy garden accessories!

Handcrafted Fairy Garden Flowerpot. This pot was made from Polymer Clay!
Handcrafted Fairy Garden Flowerpot. This pot was made from Polymer Clay! | Source

Grow miniature sedum in your fairy and other miniature gardens. They are easy to keep in scale and offer dense clusters of colorful blossoms! They are also drought-tolerant and require hardly any care.

Miniature Fairy Garden Tutorial. Make sure to add detail by allowing the tree roots to remain visible.
Miniature Fairy Garden Tutorial. Make sure to add detail by allowing the tree roots to remain visible. | Source


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    • IsadoraPandora profile image

      Jocelyn 4 years ago from Florida, PCB

      Oh it is a lot of fun. There are so many ways to play with these things! You can have any kind of garden you ever dreamed of, in the palm of your hand!

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Looks like fun, I may try it.

    • IsadoraPandora profile image

      Jocelyn 5 years ago from Florida, PCB

      Thanks! They are so much fun to make.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 5 years ago from United States

      Absolutely charming.