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How to Minimize the Amount of Crap in Your Home

Updated on July 24, 2017

I used to collect things that had absolutely no meaning to me. I had stacks of old National Geographic magazines that I never read, I kept pieces of things that were broken, and I had a ton of books that I never read simply because they were cool to look at. I wasn’t a hoarder but I had way more than I needed or wanted. Now, I can practically fit everything that I own into a bag (This, however, is not something that you have to do. This is only an example of what you could do if you realize how much stuff you don’t need). If you can relate to the above and you want to start being more mindful about what you own, take a look at some of the tips below to help you minimize the amount of crap that you have in your home.

1. Look at What You Own and Determine What Is Necessary

When I say the word “necessary”, I mean things that you cannot function without in your daily life. These types of things include kitchenware, furniture, clothing, and hygiene products, which you can still have too much of if you hoard those things. Make a list of these things and see if you have any unnecessary multiples. Get rid of whatever you determine to be unnecessary. I mean, do you really still need to hold onto that shirt that has had a hole in it for the past year?

2. Now, Look at Your Personal Belongings

This is the most difficult part because there are going to be objects that you do want or that have sentimental value. Again, take inventory of all of these objects and take a look. What things do you use on a daily basis? What has REAL sentimental value? Are any of your items family heirlooms or treasured gifts? If you lost or damaged this item today, how would you feel about it? These are the types of things that you have to ask yourself when you are going through your belongings. More often than not, we keep things around because we think that we need them when, in reality, they have no real sentimental value and we rarely ever use them.

3. Take the Leap and Donate or Trash the Things That You Don’t Need

You are going to hold onto your items with all the strength you have. It is in our nature to purchase and collect things. However, there is a difference between living mindfully and having useful, cared for belongings and having a stack of things that serve no purpose in your life. Remember this when you throw an old shirt into the donate bin or a chipped souvenir into the trash can. You are doing this to declutter your home and your life. Learn to let go.

4. Enjoy the Feeling That Comes Afterward

The whole process can be exhausting but it can also be very rewarding. Take a look at your living area. Isn’t it cleaner? Doesn’t it feel more open and uncluttered? Can you look around now and only see things that you love and enjoy? If you followed the steps correctly, you should be able to experience all of the above and more. You have now successfully gotten rid of everything that was unnecessary in your life.

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