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How to Mow Steep Hills

Updated on October 24, 2017
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Introduction to mowing and equipment

When you build a house the first decor that you think of is a garden. You would want that garden to be filled with grass, flowers, trees, shrubs, and so on. But, there is a big responsibility that comes with this blessing; you have to maintain this garden regularly. Taking care of plants and mowing of grass is a weekly work that you have to add to your schedule. So, what is this mowing?

When you cut the grass with a machine to level it accordingly, this is called mowing. It can be also said that the act of levelling or cutting down of grass with a mowing machine is called mowing. A mowed garden looks a lot more attractive and beautiful than an unmowed one.

The equipment used to do so is called mower. These mowers may be small or big. In older times reaping of crops was also termed as mowing. There are two types of mowers available. First is the small one and other are the big ones. The small ones are used to mow house gardens, parks, and gardens on steep hills. They contain rotatory cutters in them and are a simple push type.

The large mowers are used to cut crops and plants like that in the form of rows. They are not manual but battery operated. They are moved into straight rows known as windrows. Now, whether the mower used is small or large, it is easy to mow on plain land but when it comes to steep hills there are a lot of difficulties that arise, that makes this task challenging.

Mowing process

When you have to mow a steep hill, there must be a certain method that must be followed in order to maintain security and perfection in work. First, you must inspect the grass. It should not be wet or too dry. The reason for this is that wet and dry grass is difficult to mow. This type gets clogged into a machine and needs frequent cleaning. This will waste your time and effort.

Next step is to select a day and perfect time to do this work. Always do this work in a dry and sunny weather and always avoid doing it in late afternoon or evenings. In this time of the day, the grass starts to get wet due to frost which possesses a difficulty in a task.

Always clean the garden before starting to mow. Check for rocks, sticks, and stones. These obstacles may hinder your machine from doing its task. Then after cleaning the land go for your machine selection. Out of the riding and push mowers always select a push mower when it comes to steep land.

A riding mower requires a lot of training and experience and for an untrained person, it may pose a dangerous situation. So, it is better to use a push mower. The last step is to adjust the height of your equipment.

Keeping the height too low may totally bring out the grass and keeping the height large may leave grass big. You may have to do everything again, which is a terrible waste of time. So, adjust the height of your mower and check it by using it on a patch of land for better judgment.

For a better judgment of how to carry out the cutting of the grass refer to the video by EJ

Mowing conditions

As we already discussed mowing on a steep hill can be a very challenging task. Why is this so? When you mow your garden which is on a plain ground you just simply push your machine further to get results but when it comes to hills, maintaining the balance is a big challenge. One second you feel everything is going right and you become careless and next second you are tripped down and your mower is rolling down on itself. There are chances of lots of accidents which can be avoided by taking care of some things.

Always take care of the steepness. Ignorance in this matter may leave you tripped over. You can always use a lawn tractor but first, it is expensive and second, you need a high experience to use it on hills. You must know how to adjust brakes properly.

Always use push mowers, this may be time-consuming but it is ideal and easy for this terrain. Always practice using a mower first on a plane yard and whenever you turn it, go slow. Always watch out for bumps as they have the capacity to increase the slope. Also,

Try to stay away from ditches or embankments even if you are a well-practiced player. Last but not the least always read the user manual of your machine and know its warning issues. Always know your machine well.

Types of mowers that can be used to mow steep hills

Hills can have various levels of steepness, so using similar equipment for hills and plain land would be a fool’s game. There are various mowers that can be used if the land is not too steep.

Snapper rear wheel drive: It is like a simple lawn mower as it involves a person standing behind it but this machine is best known for steep hills. This is because it has adjustable speed, height, and rear wheel set. Yes, you guessed it right. It contains a powerful motor with HI-VAC technology, which picks up grass faster. This is one of the best push mowers

Troy -built self-propelled lawn mower- This mower is half of the price of snapper. It is of good size and has motor of enough power to get you up the hill. All the four wheels in this mower are of the same size. Just like the above mower this also has a rear wheel. We can say that it is also a great option.

Honda 4-in-1 Versamow system lawn mower: This equipment is perfect when it comes to tackling hills. It has a very powerful engine with a very good time record. Its working speed is faster with high tacking power. If you want to make your grass healthier by turning your mowed grass into mulch, the 4-in-1 feature of this machine will be very useful for you.


So keeping a lawn in your hill house maybe a good idea for the beauty of your house but maintaining it is a big responsibility and a very dangerous one in this case. However, it is not very difficult if you follow some set of rules and regulations and always take your own security into consideration and at first priority.

Hope this was helpful, happy homing.

© 2017 Sonal


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