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How to Pack Moving Boxes

Updated on January 11, 2012

There is a lot do to when you have decided to find a new home. One of the most important things not to forget is to correctly pack your boxes; this prevents anything from getting broken or damaged. The majorities of moves are usually only short distances, but even for those short distances things that have been in the family for years can end up in pieces if not packed correctly. Below are some of best tips in packing your boxes for the best protection against damage.

1. Use small to medium size boxes.

When you are packing up your home use the smallest possible box for the items you are packing. Following this simple rule can really help you protect the valuable inside. Because, most small to medium size boxes are able to handle a lot more weight per box then larger one due to the smaller surface areas.

2. Always have room for cushion

When packing boxes it is always a good idea to have as much cushion between objects as possible. So, the first layer on the bottom should be cushion, then the item or items you are packing then another layer on top. If, it is a awkward shaped item then having cushions on the sides or wrapped around the item is the safest way to transport it.

3. Use Packing paper not Newspaper in wrapping stuff.

It has been a tradition for awhile that when moving you should find some newspaper to wrap up the good china to be moved. This is a not the best way to package the china, because it can actually cause more damage to your china then you think. When you wrap items like knickknacks, china, or other breakables in newspaper the ink in the newspaper can actually leave permanent marks on the porcelain or glass. Usually glass and porcelain have a small chemical reaction to the ink in newspapers, so when you remove it most likely it will already be too late to repair the damage.

4. Pack by room

When packing your boxes at home it is always a good idea to pack one room at a time. This prevents you from getting confused on having multiple items per box from separate rooms. Also, when packing by room, make sure you write the basic contents and the room it belongs in on the top of the box. This will help you know what has been packed in each box if you need to get something out of it later.

5. Securely tape your boxes

After all the time taking to properly pack and get the contents written on the box do not forget to securely tape them. Having the boxes securely tapped when moving day arrives will help to make sure that movers do not spill the contents.

These simple five steps can ensure that your boxes are neat, organized and in the proper place on moving day. It helps to know that when your belongings arrive they will be securely in place with no damage taken from them.


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