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How to Pick a Toilet for Your Bathroom

Updated on December 12, 2014

Let’s be honest, talking about toilets isn’t the most exciting topic to talk about on the planet. However, toilets are something that we all use (I hope!) and since you're going to spending a lot of time on your’s in the future then you want one that you don't look at in disgust every time you do and a toilet that fits nicely into the overall décor of your bathroom.

So, this Hub goes through the types of toilet available on the market and will hopefully give you a sense of what toilet might best fit your personal situation. You never know, after reading this you might discover a toilet you never knew existed instead of plumping for your average standard toilet. Yes, even your toilet is allowed to look fancy and unique!

Close Coupled Toilet

Easily the most common type of toilet that people have in their homes. The pan is on the floor and the cistern remains fixed to the wall behind it, simple!

There are also a tonne of different styles, shapes and sizes of close coupled toilet. From short projection curvy bowls to bowls that are raised higher off the floor, and if you like ultra-modern bathroom fittings then you'll easily find a great selection, while the traditional crowd won't be lost for choice either. If you're after versatility and a toilet that should go with the majority of styles then close coupled is the way to go.

Laufen Pro Back To Wall WC
Laufen Pro Back To Wall WC | Source

Back to Wall Toilet

The clue is in its name when it comes to back to wall toilets, why? Because the toilet has its back against the wall! Basically the cistern is hidden, usually behind the wall but it can also be in a cabinet.

Back to wall toilets have two benefits; maximising the space available in the bathroom and providing a handy shelf for bathroom products behind the pan. If you have a small bathroom then one of these is your best bet.

Duravit Starck 2 Wall Mounted Toilet
Duravit Starck 2 Wall Mounted Toilet | Source

Wall Mounted Toilet

Again, the clue is in the same and wall mounted toilets can also be another superb way of maximising the space you have available. The cistern is boxed into the wall behind it, with the pan hanging off the wall. This leaves a gap between the pan and floor, which is easy to clean under. Personally I think wall mounted toilets look great, and are something to consider if you want to add a bit of modern flair to your bathroom.

The most important thing you have to remember if you’re going for a wall mounted toilet is its ability to take the weight of the person sitting on it. Because they’re not fixed to the floor all the stress of the weight of a person has to be coped with by the wall fixings. If the person sitting on it is of the, erm, ‘heavier’ persuasion then it might be too much for the fixings to cope with.

What kind of toilet do you own?

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TC Express Corner Toilet
TC Express Corner Toilet | Source

Corner Toilet

If you haven't guessed so far toilets seem to be named after their location and this is no exception. A corner toilet goes in the – yep you guessed it – corner! They're basically close coupled toilets but with a triangular or curved cistern so it fits into the corner of your bathroom. As with the two above a corner toilet is best used in a smaller bathroom where you want to make best use of what little space you have. Their compact design also means they use less water, which is always a plus!

High Level Toilet

High level toilets traditional style toilets that will make you think back to the Victorian era when you see one. The cistern is high up on the wall while the pan remains on the floor below, with a pipe running between the two and a pull chain attached to the cistern to flush the pan. If you're going for that old age look then these are perfect, although lack variety, but keep in mind that they tend to be a lot more expensive than your average toilet.

It is recommended that you sit on it before you press the squirt button!
It is recommended that you sit on it before you press the squirt button! | Source

High Tech Toilets

You may have heard of the toilets in Japan, which are now beginning to penetrate Western culture. These toilets can do all sorts of things; with heated toilet seats, squirting water than cleans your bum and jets of air to dry it off. Some toilets are even starting to talk to you, while others can make your dinner or take you out for a meal at a fancy restaurant. Ok, maybe those last two aren't true but the point is that if you’re deadly serious about your toilet experience being as comfortable as possible then this type of toilet is for you. Just be prepared to pay a fortune to get one, at least outside of Japan for the time being anyway.

By the way, if you want to read more about Japanese toilets then Wikipedia has a whole article called 'Toilets in Japan' about it. You can always rely on good old Wikipedia for your random toilet facts!

Plumbing Daddy- The Smart Way to Buy a New Toilet


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