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How to Properly Maintain a Single Sofa Bed

Updated on March 20, 2011

Many people today will choose a single sofa bed over any other type due to their wide range of usability, design, and practicality. They offer a place to rest in comfort while watching your favorite TV shows and later a place to sleep. Many designs which come in wood, leather, a more modern look with metal and many others allow this type of sofa to be versatile and fit in almost any theme one wishes to use it for. Once you have done the hardest parts; choosing the right one and bringing it into your home, you now have a new task to take on which usually doesn’t seem have an end in sight.

Maintenance. That dreaded, unheard of word that many put off for years either because they were ill informed or a lack of motivation to properly clean and maintain. Being persistent with cleaning and maintenance can make your furniture look brand new everyday – some will even buy a cheap single sofa bed and take exceptional care of it to make it last a lifetime. It helps keep the value of the furniture if you were ever to sell it or hand it off to your children some day. There are many different kinds to know about and each has different areas of maintenance. Some styles have compartments, extra pieces, and separate functions that you should also be aware of.

Maintaining a Single Sofa Bed Mattress

A single sofa bed mattress is common on most sofa beds for a good reason; they allow you to clean and maintain your furniture more efficiently and more thoroughly.  You should begin by removing the outer cover of the mattress if there is one.  You can wash these in your washing machine based on the washing label that is sewn into it.  If your mattress is all one-piece, meaning there are no removable areas to it, then you can clean it with either a vacuum cleaner or a robust steam cleaner to maximize your results.  Let the mattress air dry for a day or two depending on the climate you live in and the material it is made from.  Again, follow any instructions labeled on the mattress itself for even better results.

Maintaining a Single Inflatable Sofa Bed

Anything like involves air, like the inflatable sofa bed, requires a whole range of new maintenance and responsibilities. It should be made a priority to never jump or rough play on or around the bed as it is likely to puncture it and these are hard to patch sometimes.  If the bed is not to be used it a great length of time; for example, it isn’t used during the winter months, than it should be deflated and stored in a dry cool room like an attic or finished garage.  When inflating the mattress it should not be filled with anything other than what the instruction manual states.  Some gases can be very harmful to us and deadly to common pets if it were to leak.  Most require simple air that we breathe everyday but there are a few out there that are inflated with water or sand as well.

Maintaining a Contemporary Single Sofa Bed

One of the more modern styles is the contemporary single sofa bed and with a modern look it involves a few modern maintenance techniques.  They are rather simple in design and often have a metal frame to minimize on bulkiness.  This means the cushions are easy to completely remove and wash separately while the frame is left bare to clean separately.  Depending on the type of cushions, you can either hand wash, machine wash or given to option to do either. Some prefer to steam clean theirs and say it does wonders to preserve that “like new” look.  The metal usually have bolts and screws keeping it together and should be tightened every 6 months or so.  Cleaning the metal is easy if you use all-purpose cleaner or get a cleaning agent specifically designed for that type of alloy.  Some sofa bed manuals require a specific cleaning agent so be sure to check that first.

Maintaining a Single Sofa Bed Chair

A multipurpose furniture piece; the single sofa bed chair sounds complex but can look so elegant and simple.  Some fold down into a bed and can be adjusted into a lounge chair, a formal chair or a recliner, while a few others and one piece and serve as a bed and chair at the same time.  Maintaining a folding sofa requires keeping bolts and screws tightened and any squeaky areas well oiled.  Standard sewing machine oil or similar oil can be used for this purpose and doesn’t evaporate like other solutions.  Keep the cushions clean with common methods and follow what the label says on the fabric itself.  With a wooden style, you can use any store bought wood polish and cleaner every other month to keep it looking like new.

There certainly are a lot more styles of single sofa beds out there and more maintenance tips to go along with them but these are some of the most common styles and most demanding tips out there today that can ensure a long lasting furniture piece.  However, be sure to visit again soon because more tips will be added in the future.


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