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How to Refresh A Laundry Closet Without Spending A Penny

Updated on March 12, 2015
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Clearissa is a lifestyle blogger with an emphasis on organization, redesign, DIY and simply how to live your best life.

When Something Doesn't Work

Have you ever chosen the wrong color for a room in your home? I certainly have. A couple of years ago I thought a chocolate color would be pretty in my laundry closet. Not!

The chocolate color is gorgeous in my bathroom because the room has a window and lots of natural light. Not so for my laundry closet. Notice I continue to call the space a closet because I do not have a laundry room. What I have is a small laundry closet but that does not mean it can’t be pretty and functional.

The dark space has bothered me for over a year and I finally decided to do something about it. First I chose a pretty and bright color for the walls. I wish I could give you the name of the color but I mixed a couple colors to get it. I have a gold in my guest room and a yellow in my office and I mixed the two to come up with the bright gold I have now. I likey!

If you are like me, one small project leads to another small project to yet another…and I love it. So once I decided on my paint color, I did some Pinterest research to find other ideas for small laundry closets. I didn’t find much because most people have laundry rooms but I did find this great idea for decorating my older washer and dryer and I jumped on it. Thank you Pinterest! I took that idea and I ran with it.

How I Did It

The entire project took most of one day. I worked on it off and on and the most time consuming part of the process was waiting for the paint to dry.

  1. Primed the dark walls
  2. Painted the gold color (2 coats)
  3. While the paint was drying I used Gorilla Tape to decorate the older washer and dryer
  4. I strategically added tap lights for both atmosphere and to help when I’m doing laundry at night
  5. I added a blue bottle with a yellow/gold flower (Both were stored in my project closet)
  6. Painted the small little ceramic container to match the room (used for change and buttons found in the laundry)

Here is where we cheer!! All together now…this project cost nothing. Everything I used for this redesign was already in my home. I love it when a recycle improves a living space for little or no money!


Primer going on
Primer going on | Source

After The Paint Dried

As I said, other than waiting for the paint to dry, this was a fairly quick refresh. The pictures below will show the progress. The artwork on the right side covers the ugly grey circuit box. Of course I wanted to paint it as well, but thought better of it. Besides, Hubby was not too excited when I mentioned painting the circuit box. Sigh, I suppose some things are best left alone so I disguised it instead. I also did not put a nail in the wall to hang the picture because it is so close to the circuit. I’m just paranoid that way. Instead, I hung it with Velcro. Just an idea/suggestion.

The Brighter Paint Color


My Older Washer and Dryer - Pinterest Idea


The Finished Space

This little space sparked my desire to add a little color to my kitchen and dining area for the spring and summer. Change is good, right? Especially when it costs little or nothing for a big impact. Stay tuned for a spring tune up for both my kitchen and living room and who knows perhaps the foyer and living room as well. I am excited and that’s dangerous. At least that’s what hubby says. :)

I hope you enjoy the pictures of the finished space. I wish I could invite you all over for a libation, some good conversation and a project planning session because my pictures do not do the space justice..

The Finished Space



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