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How to Repair Mini Blinds

Updated on August 20, 2015

Mini blinds are a beautiful way to decorate any window inside of your home. Mini blinds come in materials such as wood, faux wood, vinyl, or aluminum, whichh all offer numerous benefits to a home owner. Mini blinds can be an expensive window treatment, so replacing them may not always be the best thing to do once they become damaged. If the slats in mini blinds has become bent or broken and need to be repaired, this is a relatively simple task that any DIYer can tackle in a short amount of time.

To fix a broken mini blind, first remove it from the brackets in the window. This can be done simply by removing the plastic or metal bracket clips, which are located at both ends of the mini blind head rail. Remove the hold down clips from the bottom rail by simply bending them out enough to pop the rail out of place. Bring the mini blind to a table or another flat surface so that you can easily perform this task.

Mini blinds consist of a head rail, bottom rail, and slats which are held in place by two or three strings. These strings are held in place on the bottom rail by small caps. Miniblinds generally come in a size much longer than your window, so you will have a few extra slats to put in place of the broken slats on your blind system. First, you will want to hold all of your good slats in place through this process. This is done by stringing yarn through the holes of all of the good slats, minis one at the bottom, and tying the string loosely around the slats. Then, you will want to remove the end caps and expose the string ends. Untie the knots at the end of the string, and gently slide the bottom rail off the blind system.

Once you remove the bottom rail, pull the blind string through the holes of the mini blinds until you reach the broken slat. Remove the bottom slat that you did not string, and set it aside. Pull out the broken slat gently; be sure not to do this in a rough manner as this may cause damage to other slats in the blinds.

After you remove the broken slat, place the slat from the bottom into the string harnesses of the broken slat. Run the string back down through the fixed slat, and easily through the remaining slats at the bottom. Restring through the bottom rail, and tie little knots back into the string. Simply recap the strings, and cut the yard from the mini blind holes. You can now re-hang your DIY mini blinds and continue to use clindamycin hcl.


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