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How to Save Money when Buying a Corner Sofa

Updated on November 3, 2012

A corner sofa is a great addition to almost any living room. Even a small living room can accommodate a corner sofa if you choose the right size and style for the space. However, this seating option can unfortunately be a little bit pricey. They tend to cost more than traditional sofas because they are fancier and require a bit more in terms of the manufacturing process. Nevertheless, it’s definitely possible to get a corner sofa on a bargain.

Here are ten smart ways to get a discount when buying a corner sofa:

1. Buy used. The single best way to save money on a corner sofa (as with pretty much any other type of furniture) is to buy the item used. You can look for this furniture at online auctions, local thrift stores and classified ad sites. If you get really lucky then you might even spot one sitting out on the corner waiting for bulky collection to come take it away. Buying a good used couch takes time because you have to wait for the right item to come up for sale but this is definitely the way that you’re likely to get the best price on this item.

2. Buy online. If you want to buy a new corner sofa then you’re probably going to want to see what is available online. That’s because you have many more store options online than you do in your local area. The increased competition online drives down the prices of corner sofas from online stores. Make sure that you consider the cost of shipping and delivery when figuring out how much the corner sofa is going to cost you. Look for coupon codes online to further reduce the cost of buying your corner sofa.

3. Get a smaller couch than the one you like best. Most people look into getting really long, elaborate corner sofas because these are the ones that are most impressive. However, a short one (in the style of a love seat with a longer recliner at the end) is usually more affordable and just as comfy. Plus this is a better option for smaller spaces.

4. Look for a corner sofa that can double as other furniture. Get one that can be split apart into separate chairs so that you don’t have to buy new chairs as well. Or get one that can serve as a guest bed so that you don’t need to buy one of those. A multi-functional corner couch saves you money in the long run compared to one that serves only as a couch.

5. Look at older styles. You’re always going to spend more money on today’s most popular sofa styles than you are on corner sofas that were popular a few years ago. Check out the older styles being sold on clearance to get a good deal on a corner sofa. Look for a classic design that will fit your style even though it’s not necessarily the hot piece of the furniture moment.

6. Get a simple design. The more elaborate the design that you choose for your furniture, the pricier it’s going to be. There are definitely some really cool designs out there but you do pay for them. Instead, get a simple design. If you want to make it funkier then you can always use blankets and pillows to create new patterns around the corner sofa that spice it up a bit.

7. Don’t get furniture made of cheap materials. The one mistake that you can seriously make when trying to save money on furniture is spending less but getting poor quality because of it. It ends up costing you more in the end of if you get a corner sofa that has to be replaced in a couple of years because it was too cheap. Do what you can to save money but don’t go so far as to get a cheap corner sofa that won’t last as long as you want it too.

8. Shop around. One of the most important things that you can do to save money when buying your corner sofa is simply to shop around. Don’t buy the first thing that you see. Find something that you like which also fits within your price range. Setting a budget for the purchase in advance is always a good idea.

9. Pay cash or use a no-interest credit card to make your purchase. This is a big purchase. Wait to buy it until you have set aside enough cash to make the purchase outright. If you absolutely have to have it now then you’ll want to use a no-interest credit card to make the purchase and make sure that you can pay it off before the no-interest period on the card runs out. You don’t want to add to the cost of your purchase by paying interest until the purchase has been fully paid for.

10. Build it yourself. If you’re really interested in saving money and you’ve got the DIY spirit in you then you might want to just build your own sofa from scratch. It takes some work but it’s a great idea if you think that you know what you’re doing.


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  • AllSuretyBonds profile image

    AllSuretyBonds 6 years ago

    Great Advice! Very helpful!

  • Carlon Michelle profile image

    Carlon Michelle 6 years ago from USA

    I've never put so much thought into a sofa, but you have now given me much to think on. Great article.

  • profile image

    Mini Greenhouse Guy 7 years ago

    Hi Kathryn, great hub here. Were looking for a new sofa in the new year and your tips are very welcomed!

  • Petstrel profile image

    Petstrel 7 years ago from Slovenia

    Excellent tips and a very useful hub.

  • candle62 profile image

    candle62 7 years ago from London

    This is great as it as helped me buy a cheaper sofa

    keep it up

    thanks for sharing

  • C_Pinto profile image

    C_Pinto 8 years ago from USA

    Excellent tips! I'll follow some of your advices...