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How to Sexify Your Bedroom

Updated on October 5, 2012

10 creative ways to bring sexy back into your bedroom

The bedroom should be your sanctuary, the place you leave all your worries and troubles out before stepping in. It should dissolve your woes the minute you come in the door and place you in a timeless oasis filled with happiness, pleasure and love that calms you into sleep. Matching comforter sets is a start but it's not enough. Let's get a little daring and think outside the box.

Some things to remember: The more senses you use in the bedroom, the more pleasure you will feel. Keeping that in mind, let's sexify this baby.

Step 1: Lock it. Whether you have children or not, this is your private spot where naughty things happen, at least most of the time. Lock the door. We don't want anyone walking in asking for a glass of water in the middle of something and it will happen.

Step 2: Paint. Although the color of your bedroom is important, those who live in apartments may not be able to paint. I wrote a hub just for you titled: Alternatives to Painting your Apartment.

But let's assume you can. A bedroom should be where you relax, so what colors relax you? I looked online and found an awesome site that gets right to the point from a health perspective: Paint colors that relieve stress.

Step 3: Photos/Bills. Move them to another room. This is the sexy place, not where your family congregates to watch you do your thing. They are distractions and that's the last thing you and your partner need when in this room. You can't expect someone to get in the mood if they are seeing a bill that's due. The only pictures you should have in there are pictures of sensual couples kissing or hearts or the word LOVE. Anything but Fido playing catch.

Step 4: FauxFur or Velvet. Grab a rug and place it on the floor in front of the bed or on the bed as a throw. You want something soft to touch, besides you, of course.

TIP: If you don't have a rug or velvet. You can find small remnants at the fabric store and lay them on your bed or drape them on a nightstand or two. It's not only for the touch but also visually appealing. If they are in animal print, even better.

Step 5: Candles/Incense. Put them in safe places, away from curtains or anything that may light on fire. If you have mirrors on dressers, this is a perfect spot for them because the reflection of a lit candle will always make it appear there are more candles. Use scented ones. Soy candles burn the longest and have the most potent smells. Rose, lavender and vanilla are sexy scents to have in your bedroom.

Incense come in so many varieties like sticks or cones. You choose which you prefer, but having scents in a bedroom is very important to the senses.

TIP: Wall candle holders fill up space on your walls. Make sure they are not near curtains if you light them. And if you leave the window open, make sure the wind doesn't accidentally sway into the candles' direction.

Step 6: Fountains. Small decorative fountains can be found anywhere. They are relaxing, beautiful to look at and not expensive.

TIP: If you don't have candle holders but have lots of candles, use the ones you don't light up for incense.

Step 7: Bling. Make it glitter in there. When the candles are on, you want something shiny that will make reflections and shadows on the wall. My idea; fabric. I invest in sequenced fabrics and drape them over doors, on dressers, nightstands or behind headboards for an added touch of shine. It's not just cats that love shiny things.

Step 8: Mirrors. Buy mirrors. They don't have to be big. Go to your local thrift store, you will find hundreds of small ones and hang them on your wall, near candles so they will reflect, giving the illusion there are more candles than you've placed.

Step 9: Canopy Bed. I love canopy beds. You can find them anywhere. They have different variations, some that attach to the ceiling and drape down opening up to the bottom in a cylindrical shape, while others cover the entire bed from the top in a square shape.

TIP: Indoor lights are awesome on canopies. String them around the top, let some dangle to the bottom and light up your bed. How fun!

Step 10: Music. Always have some kind of music on. Don't have a radio or CD player? If you have a laptop, bring it in for the night and put on Pandora. It's free with few commercials unless you pay and get no commercials. You can also play CDs on your laptop. Check your drive to see if yours can.

TIP: Don't forget nibbles. No, not that kind. Lay out a little dish and put some mints, chocolate kisses and lollipops for those sometime needed breaks. Oh, and water.

And there you have it. It doesn't have to cost you a ridiculous amount of money when all you need is creativity and ideas. Don't make this room functional. Make it visually appealing.

Check out the great deals on eBay.


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  • Rosana Modugno profile imageAUTHOR

    Rosana Modugno 

    7 years ago from 10th Kingdom

    Everything I write is based on personal experiences. Don't they teach you to write what you know? lol

  • epigramman profile image


    7 years ago

    ....Is this alluring and seductive hub presentation based on personal experience? lol lol

    I love that word 'sexify' ......thank you very much for these helpful tips.

    Anything to heighten the mood because arousal in home decoration and ambience and atmosphere is clearly an aphrodisiac and 'foreplay'

    in itself - I will share this essential hub with Hub pages Facebook group so more people can feel the 'heat'

    Sending you warm wishes from lake erie time ontario canada 12:39pm after night shift sleep and first cup of coffee


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