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How to Take Care of Evergreen Trees

Updated on March 12, 2011

 Evergreen trees are a variety of trees that are green year-round and can add greenery to a winter yard. Planted for curb appeal or a barrier between neighbors, you can choose from different kinds of evergreens such as pine, spruces, and cedar.  Keeping them neatly trimmed and cared for, are essential for the growth and appearance of the tree in your yard.

Evergreen Tree Care


*Water your evergreen every 10 to 14 days during the hot summer months deeply to ensure the water reaches 6 inches deep to feed the roots.

*Apply a layer of peat moss around the tree to retain moisture.

*Fertilize the evergreen tree only if the tree is losing its dark green color.  Sprinkle a tablespoon of a balanced fertilizer (12-12-12) on the ground around the tree.  Water with the sprinkler or let rain water gradually transfer the nutrients to the roots.


*Prune your evergreen tree in late spring before the buds appear.  Prune away any old or damaged branches and inner branches to make the tree more compact and neatly shaped. Remove damaged branches as necessary throughout the year.

*Protect evergreens from deer with a synthetic spray of coyote urines. Protect your roots from mice and moles by poison or traps.  Clean up any debris around the trees and your yard in general to prevent rodents.


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