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How to Use Coffee Maker

Updated on July 12, 2010

Most of the coffee makers can be used in making several cups of coffee no matter the brand. It would therefore be good to take a look at some of the coffee makers on the market today and see how they are used in making coffee. We would consider the percolator, gevalia and the espresso coffee makers.

Percolator Coffee Maker

First thing to do is cleaning the percolator thoroughly. The percolator coffee maker can be operated by pulling the top off and then grabbing the second lip that is on the brew chamber. You can then pour some amount of water into the pot and the change the tube and the brew chamber. The plate should be taken off in order to expose the inside part of the chamber. You can then add some teaspoons of coarse ground coffee into the pot. Thereafter you can replace the top place that is at the top of the pot. The pot can then be placed on the heat source and then boiled for some minutes. When you notice that the viewing knob is bubbling, then the coffee is brewed. The pot can then be disassembled for cleaning.

Using a percolator coffee maker will provide you with fresh, hot coffee, wherever you are.

Gevalia Coffee Maker

The gevalia coffee maker can also be used to make tasty coffee. With this you have to pour some amount of water for the number of coffee cups you want. You can then measure the coffee with the use of a teaspoon and this should be fresh ground beans. With this kind of coffee maker you can program the machine to make your coffee especially when you are in a hurry and need to save time. Just like the microwave oven there are options for you to set the time that would be used in making the coffee. There is a sneak-a-cup feature that helps one to get a fast cup of coffee before the coffee finishes brewing. When you have finished brewing the coffee, take out the filter and then throw it away. Also ensure that you take the coffee pot off the hot plate or the burner if you do not want strong coffee. You may choose the Gevalia Coffee maker from 2-Cup to 12-Cup.

There are also some disadvantages of Gevalia Coffee Maker, some said that it would leak water, especially the Gevalia Stainless Steel 12-Cup.

Espresso Machine

Another of the coffee makers is the espresso machine. Just like you would fill the normal coffee pot, you have to fill this machine with water. Thereafter you can add some coffee scoop and tap down. Unlike the normal coffee maker this one is quite different since the coffee has to be packed down instead of just loosely filling it. You can then fill the scoop that holds the coffee and then use the tapper to press down the coffee. You can then place it on the machine when the scoop is packed and level. In order to catch the espresso, you need to put shot glasses under the spout. You can start the machine and let the two glasses fill the espresso. Finally pour the shots into an espresso mug and start drinking your favorite coffee.

It is important to be always careful when operating these coffee makers as they could be extremely hot during and after the process of heating.

How to use the DeLonghi Espresso Machine


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      febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia

      Hello, hello, yes..a hubber and coffee, always be a matching pair haha, thank you for visiting :)

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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Since I am a coffee addict I appreciate this hub even more. Thank you.

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      mathewvictor 7 years ago from USA

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