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How to Write a Professional Interior Design Concept Statement

Updated on March 27, 2012

All professional interior designers have had to write a concept statement, and many get frustrated in doing so. Many times while writing concept statements, I have wondered “why do I need to write this when my design can say it all?” Well, if you have wondered this question, I have an answer.

So, what is a concept statement? A concept statement is a standpoint from where your design came from. These concepts determine relationships between physical elements that are under the interior designers control. It is also a mission statement on a governing concept of design that communicates with your client.

It describes the following:

  • A sense of place
  • Ambiance desired
  • Transitory element that came up in the discover phase

Concept statement in a nutshell”

  • Usually short and contains 1-2 well written sentences that displays
  1. Intent
  2. Focus
  3. Central concept

How to state your intent:

  • State it
  1. Eg. My intent was to create…
  • Don’t sell
  • Don’t use tell words- such as “fabulous”
  • Done use exhilarating or inflammatory words
  1. Eg. This room is captivating...

Example 1: The intent of creating this space was to utilize natural light in order to cut power costs.

Example 2: The intent of this space was to utilize existing architectural elements, illuminate rooms with a natural light source, and combine old and new accessories throughout the house.

Here’s a breakdown:

The first sentence should state the intent and the second sentence should tell how you achieved your goal.

Example: The intent of the design of this space was to create an open interior that utilizes natural lighting in an affective way. This was done by moving sitting areas closer to light sources.

In the field of interior design, concept statements are a necessary evil and I hope I now have provided given you a better understanding of what a concept statement is and how to develop one.

I have provided some useful books below if you want to go further into this subject. Patricia Eakins is an excellent author that provides lots of useful information in her books on writing for interior design.


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